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Friday, 16 January 2015

One of the best thing about living in Luxembourg, is being able to go to France, Belgium or Germany without having to drive for hours. Within just an hour from my place, I can be in a German city called Trier. Yesterday, when I went to Trier, I did some sales shopping but also bought some bits and bobs from a shop called DM, which is basically the German version of Boots or Superdrug. 
The first picture shows (quite badly, unfortunately) two knitted turtleneck dresses I found in the ZARA sales. It's hard to show them well in a picture when they're not worn, but I'm sure that outfit pictures will follow soon, as I'm already wearing one of the two dresses right now. I had been looking for these kind of knits since November but never found ones I liked or I found them to be too expensive. When I had a look around the ZARA yesterday, I finally found some of these dresses and immediately bought two of them. The navy one was reduced to 17€ (original price was 26€) and the grey one was less than half of the original price (50€) - I got it for 20€ only, hellooo bargain! They're easily one of the cosiest items I own and I can already see myself living in these over the next few weeks, before the weather decides to get nicer again. 
In DM, I finally bought some lip pencils, which I something I had been meaning to do for months now, wanting to put more effort into putting on lisptick. The red and dark pink lipliners I bought matching with two lipsticks I already own in these colours and the darker beige/nude-ish lipliner I bought together with a matching lipsticks. All lip products are from the brand P2 and only cost me about 2€ each, plus they're cruelty free, which is always a nice added bonus! Lastly, I also picked up some face masks, which is something I haven't used in years, so I was curious to try some out again. I really enjoy buying beauty products in DM every now and then, a I dislike spending a lot of money on make-up and the like, so shops like these are always fantastic to find cheap but good quality products.

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  1. I envy you at this point. Living in any place over there is good once you can visit different countries and cultures in a blink of an eye! I live in Brazil and well, despite the fact that every state has its own culture it is completely different from there and things here are very expensive and far (you may know how huge Brazil is). Another thing hard to find here are clothes with good quality and a good price haha How sad :/


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