Golden Globes 2015: Best Dressed

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Even though I didn't manage to live stream this year's Golden Globes, I still loved finding different websites showing red carpet looks. Whilst scrolling through pictures and pictures, I picked a few that appealed to me the most and ended up being my favourite looks of the 2015 Golden Globes! My 3 top best dressed ladies would probably be Diane Kruger, Katherine Heigl and Bar Rafaeli.
And for some good measures and fun, I couldn't resist adding these pictures I found of celebrities being just as human and goofy as each and one of us.


  1. I watched the red carpet live and my favourites were Dakota Johnson and Rosamund Pike. Shame cause I couldn't stream the actual awards neither. Oh well! Love the funny at the end by the way. x

  2. My favorites were Emily Blunt and Dakota Johnson :)


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