Blog Post Roundup #3

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

undersizedcloset, undersized closet
juices I had with friends back in Amsterdam - really need to try and make my own juice incorporating beetrot!

Hey everyone! It feels like forever that I started a post this way... Anyway! My blogging mojo has been fluctuating a little bit over the last day or two since I got back to the UK, as I'm still easing into second term filled with new modules, tutors and (so much) reading. On top of that, the weather has been awfully wintery again, (remember the times that I was excited about cold temperatures and snow? yeah, me neither) making just about everything seem more appealing than standing outside in half my outfit (aka without a coat, scarf, hat, gloves...) to take pictures of what I wear on days where all I want to do is lock myself in in our house and sit on top of the heater all day. That being said, the blog will probably be a bit outfit-less for a couple of days - or however long it will take the British weather to realise that we are in fact in Britain and not at the North Pole - but I've got some post ideas here and there, so bear with me on those popping up on your dashboards until I dare to leave the house without a coat again (to take pictures that is). Enough rambling for now, here is number #3 of my Blog Post Roundups, I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to leave some links in the comments yourself!

Bid adieu to dieting - It's not necessarily the dieting factor that I liked about Shona's post, but I am always on the lookout for new recipes and new places to eat at and the Detox Kitchen seems to have just that - healthy, tasty meals and recipes.

On procrastination, perfectionism and being 'good enough' - Natalie is taking a very interesting approach to the roots of procrastination and that it ultimately never ends on a positive note anyways. Her take on the subject is very close to what I feel when it comes to perfectionism and my never ending cycle of procrastination, so this was definitely a nice read for me.

Easy green juice recipe - This post hits the nail on the head when you look back to my Changes post, where one of the things I want to change is about eating and drinking more raw fruits and vegetables. In fact, I tried out this recipe a few days after Vivian posted it and I really liked it - this post was just the little nudge that I needed!

How to sleep better on an airplane - I pretty much stumbled across this post when I scrolled through Parachute's blog and even though (or maybe that's why) I've never been on a long distance flight, I really enjoyed reading this post and will definitely get back to it when the time has come for me to catch some zZzzZz's on a plane.


  1. I love the post about sleeping in a plane. It is funny that I am always sleeping ALL flight long on short rides but I find extremely difficult to have a good sleep on intercontinental flights. I will save that post :)



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