All Zara errrything (or almost)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

sweater, coat, shoes, scarf: zara pants: h&m bag: asos

Even though I wore this outfit travelling home yesterday, I liked it too much not to re-wear it and take some pictures. I just have this thing with combining all things striped with bold colours. I swear I didn't realise that almost the entire outfit is made up of ZARA items apart from the bag, pants and underwear (TMI? my bad), hence the title of this post. This outfit may be one of my favourites lately and it's more than perfect to travel in; it's comfy, simple and practical. Before I finish this post - can we please talk about the colour of this coat? It's yellow, isn't it?! Both my dad and brother have been commenting on my "orange coat" and they won't let me convince them that it's yellow..?


  1. Love the outfit, especially the stripes! The coat is such a great colour. Now that you mention your brother and dad say it's orange I can't decide if it's orange or yellow haha.

  2. it's orange haha

  3. i think it's more yellow than orange :)


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