Vegan Eats | Brighton: High Tea at Terre à Terre

Monday, 8 December 2014

Ever since I moved to England last year, I've been wanting to have good old British High Tea. For those of you that don't know what high tea is, it is basically afternoon tea with sweet and/or savoury treats, only with so much more food if you decide to go all in and get 3 'floors' of food. Now, of course I thought to myself "where the heck am I going to get vegan high tea?!" - but of course, I soon realised that I live in one of the most vegan friendly and culinary interesting cities I know, so I had a 5 minute google and here we go! 

A restaurant called Terre à Terre, situated not for from the seaside in Brighton, serves only vegetarian and vegan foods, including mouth watering afternoon/high teas. My friend and I decided to go all in (for the sake of this post, of course...) and chose the Terre à Tier Tea. It is important to notice that yes, this was indeed on the pricier side with almost £20 per person, but it included a pot of tea for each of us (we were given the choice between coffee or tea) and they were kind enough to give us water and bread when we asked for it. Let me tell you though, you will not leave the restaurant hungry - it's safe to say that we both had our food babies to carry home after his delicious experience.
We had the chance to taste everything from sesame hoisin tofu and pickled watermelon rind (I swear this tasted exactly like smoked salmon!) over to scrumptious chocolate almond truffle chocolate cakes, dusted doughnut straws and scones with marmalade and oatmeal cream. Every single bite was like a little taste explosion and I have to admit that I had a little bit of a chocolate shock but hey - it was for scientific (okay blogging) purposes! 
Other than High Tea, Terre à Terre offer a big choice of vegetarian and vegan foods, so if you're curious to find out more about it, do pay their website a visit! I will most definitely be going back there to try something from their à la carte menu and I highly advise anyone finding themselves in Brighton at some point to stop by and try some of their food!

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