Life Update

Thursday, 4 December 2014

 exploring the neighbourhood and discovering the cutest houses / love living near the seaside
 typical airport stays: coffee and magazines / left over sushi & ID magazine for lunch
 wise words in a club in Amsterdam / autumny ground, even though the temperatures lately have been feeling awfully wintery
 random outfit / discovered 42 Juice in Brighton a few days ago, they sell all kinds of juices and smoothies - my friend and I got a coffee and matcha shake 
Heal's furniture store Christmas party in London - lots of free champagne, food tastings and laughs
the seaside is the most stunning at sunset

On another note: I'm flying to Zurich tomorrow! I'm beyond excited, even though I'm a bit intimidated by the temperatures we'll have there. Any tips on places to go/see?


  1. I'd like to visit Brighton, I feel like the British seaside would have a different vibe to the beach here! Have an amazing time in Zurich :)

  2. WOW - the seaside is stunning!!!
    Looking amazing :)
    xx, Vicky


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