My vegan Christmas

Saturday, 27 December 2014

If you've been reading my blog for a little while, you'll know that I've started getting more interested and invested in veganism (mainly diet wise at the beginning) during winter 2013/2014. While I still had the 'traditional' Christmas meal with turkey, potatoes in milk (also know as gratin dauphinois) and tons of non-vegan cookies, I was sure that I didn't want to eat any 'traditional' and non-vegan food this Christmas. So what did a vegan in a family of omnivores eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Let's have a look!

On Christmas Eve, my parents will traditionally eat a big platter of seafood and even if my brother usually only eats a bit of it too, he'll have other non-vegan foods for dinner. Because I had been craving sushi for a while now and I thought it would somehow match the food 'theme' of the night (is this a thing? hah), I decided to make myself some with avocado and cucumber! While it's currently being discussed whether nori wraps are vegan or not, I'm still eating them for now, not just because I love them but also because I don't just want to throw them away!

On Christmas Day itself - the day we celebrate with more people, I had a lot of amazing stuff for my starter while the rest of my family ate goose liver (foie gras). My dad bought me a lot of tasty food, so my starter consisted of dolmades, huge white beans and mushrooms in amazing sauces, artichoke hearts and hearts of palm (the white sticks).

While my family had turkey, gratin dauphinois, chestnuts and baked apples with cranberry sauce, I ate a vegan shepherd's pie with gravy (recipe here!), heated up my chestnuts apart from the turkey and of course had some baked apples with cranberry sauce. For dessert, my dad said that we would get sorbet, so that I could eat it as well, so dessert was raspberry and passion fruit sorbet with fresh blueberries and raspberries and I had baked some super easy chocolate cookies, which I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of though.

Unfortunately, the quality of the pictures isn't amazing, but you can probably imagine that I was busy with other things than focusing on taking the best pictures of my food (aka I was busy eating, ha) Did you find this post interesting? And did any of you cook/bake any alternatives to 'traditional' Christmas food this year?


  1. WoW! I started to eat vegan because of the same reasons like you did...but this christmas it felt so hard to resist eating gratin dauphinois...etc! But still refusing eatin' meat! I guess I will start my vegan diet again after all those unhealthy days ;-P I have to say your christmas dinner looks so good! thumbs up! xo

  2. This is a very interesting post! I'm not but I was wondering what you had eaten for Christmas :)

  3. I love your blog!
    As I couldn't become vegan - not yet - I try to eat as many natural and vegetal things as possible. This year I've made the salads (two kinds, cos last year we had only one) one totally vegan and light and other with maionese for the others. I hate maionese ew. And I also cooked the deserts which were "home made danette", iced cream with strawberry top and gelatin. We were about 15 people so we had to make it pratic :)

    Btw, mery xmas haha

  4. So happy that you stayed strong and managed to eat vegan during Holidays! I'm vegan as well, and I'm the only one in my family so let's just say it can be challenging..



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