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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

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Amsterdam by night

I'm currently in that awkward 'I want to take outfit pictures but have no one to take them for me' phase, given that I spend most of my days at home trying to get some studying done or running all over the place to run errands. Hopefully, with my brother's holidays coming up at the end of this week and some of my friends returning home soon as well, I'll have someone I can ask to take some pictures of me! As I didn't want to leave the blog hanging and not update for days, I decided to post another Blog Post Roundup - especially since the feedback on the last one I did was more than positive! So here go my 5 links today...

How to succeed at working from home - As a professional blogger, Emilie addresses something that even someone who doesn't blog professionally or has a home based job has had to do every now and then: work from home. Even though I am a student and this blog is far from being my job, I still know how hard it can be to get yourself to work when you spend a lot of time at home and how much you should try to get into a routine. (shameless procrastinator rrright here)

Why you should wear your favourite things more often - Andy talks about probably one of the problems Fashion bloggers (or well, me at least) encounter a lot: putting together outfits and taking pictures of them without repeating outfits too much. But why should we not wear our favourites more?

12 days of outfits - We've all heard of 12 days of Christmas, but Saranne gives the concept a new twist: she posts 12 outfits up until Christmas on her Youtube channel! How cute is that idea?!

DIY blog planner - Blog planners, also known as Editorial planners are becoming more and more popular amongst bloggers and while I only have a notebook where I scribble down post ideas, I really should be using such a planner myself. Carmen shows us how to make your own planner in this post!

Vegan Christmas cookies - Who would I be not to include something food (and Christmas!) related in this post? Fellow blogger and youtuber from Luxembourg Steffi has recently shared a baking video to make vegan chocolate chip cookies and I am now seriously tempted to try making them myself. I had been thinking about what to cook and bake for Christmas when the rest of my family will mainly be eating non-vegan food, so these cookies are definitely a good start!

I just realised that 4 out of these 5 posts were written from Luxembourg based bloggers! Want to discover new bloggers from Luxembourg? Then head over to the official Blogger_LU Facebook page with daily updates from different blogs based in Luxembourg!

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  1. amazing picture of Amsterdam. (:


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