Saturday, 8 November 2014

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Even though I'm a little bit late to the party (as usual), I finally took some time to really look at the collection Alexander Wang released for H&M a few days ago. I've personally never bought anything from a designer collaboration with H&M (shock of the year), simply because the prices still put me off to do so or I never really bothered to really look at what the designers had created. I'd been seeing little sneak peaks of Wang's collection on other blogs, so I kind of had an idea what was coming our way this year. Some pieces I really like, some I find absolutely hideous but in general, I love Wang's concept of sporty day-wear. One of my favourite things about the collection is probably the amount of neoprene used and the boxiness of a lot of the pieces, giving off a little bit of a masculine vibe at times, while there's still plenty of body-con dresses to be found. If I were to spend some money on the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, I'd probably buy some of the things I put together in the picture above. (even though I wouldn't actually get the backpack - it's real leather :( ) What do you think about this year's collaboration? Have you gotten yourself anything?

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  1. not everybody likes the wang collection but I have to admit I love it!!!! *.* Chique Approval ;-P xo Yaya Van Chique


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