Angela & Roi A/W '14

Friday, 10 October 2014

angela roi, angela & roi, handbags, fashion, ethical, vegan leather, new, autumn, collection, fall, winter, a/w 2014A couple of days ago, Angela from the handbag brand Angela & Roi emailed me about their new fall/winter handbag collection. Now, I am not usually the kind of person who would write a post about online shops contacting me, just to display their brand and designs, but this particular brand has two twists which made me decide to share it with you! First of all, their new collection is completely made out of vegan leather - or faux leather if that sounds more familiar. Even though I am mainly vegan regarding my food choices, I still like to avoid wearing real leather or fur. (but yes, I do own some leather shoes which I will keep on wearing, simply because I think it would be a waste to stop wearing them, especially as I got them before I went vegan) Secondly, the handbags from Angela & Roi support cancer and disease fighters, making a beautiful handbag you've just purchased even better by leaving you that good feeling of knowing that you've helped someone fighting a serious illness. All those great points aside, their bags are gorgeous! The handbags are all on the slightly pricier side, but they're the perfect pick when it comes to investing in a beautiful - and ethical! handbag. I chose my favourite bag - the 'minimal bucket bag' from the new collection to show you but go have a look for yourself! Here's the link to their website.


  1. Beautiful outfit x

  2. I think your blog looks a lot better now and I'm glad you've been posting so often these past few days :)


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