Typical Autumn Outfit / Hello September!

Monday, 1 September 2014

pants, flannel: river island bag: berhska shoes: nike

It turns out that I was actually smart enough to leave my camera behind in France when coming back to Luxembourg earlier, resulting in  me not being able to take any pictures for the blog whatsoever. Fortunately, my family came back last night, so I now finally have my camera back to snap away!
I wore this outfit on Thursday and liked it so much that I felt like re-wearing it and taking pictures of it for the blog. Almost the entire outfit consists of pieces which I bought in Rotterdam! As already mentioned in the post title, this feels like a very typical Autumn outfit to me for this year, being obsessed with flannels and having found the puuuurfect (fake) leather pants! As soon as the temperatures drop, I can already see myself wearing this outfit with different pair of boots and a big coat or even a fur coat - okay, I definitely am getting a little bit excited about Autumn approaching... enough blabbering for now, enjoy your Monday x

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  1. Lovely outfit! Really like your pants and shoes together :)


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