Sleeve skirt

Thursday, 18 September 2014

top: river island skirt: primark leather jacket: topshop bag: bershka shoes: nike

After spending numerous hours googling and buying things for the house, sitting on the floors putting together shelves and desks, my housemates and I are finally settling in into our house. Since we still have a couple of days off before starting Uni again on Monday, we spontaneously decided to take advantage of our free time and go to London for a day. We spent our day there walking for hours, (a total of 17km, actually!) getting more familiar with the city, eating good food, stopping for coffee and spending some money at Victoria's Secret. We ended our evening by going to watch the musical version of Charlie and the chocolate factory and arrived at home after midnight, exhausted but happy!
As it was quite warm, I decided to seize the occasion and go for bare legs, as you never know when the last warm days will appear here in England and I wore out my super bargain aka my sleeve skirt. Yes, you have guessed it - I got weak and took a stroll through Primark but hey - this skirt was reduced to £2, that justifies it, right? I don't know what exactly to think about this skirt other than it being funny and very practical to hide food babies! What do you think?

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