10 facts about me

Saturday, 13 September 2014

1. I hate aldente pasta, I cannot stand it when it's too hard and it tastes almost exactly as if I was eating it raw! Same goes for rice - hard, barely cooked rice is an absolute nightmare for me.

2. My right front tooth is longer than my left one and even though I generally don't care about it, it really bugs me when you can see it on pictures!

3. When I sneeze, I usually sneeze at least two, and sometimes even up to five times in a row. My entire family finds it absolutely hilarious, my brother even says that my sneezes are cute, haha

4. I absolutely hate being late, it makes me incredibly nervous and uncomfortable. I sometimes think that I feel like this because I know exactly how annoying it is to have to wait for someone when they're late, as I'm used to be somewhere early, since I live quite far from the city when I'm in Luxembourg.

5. I wouldn't say that I have a phobia of spiders, but they disgust me so much. I can manage to kick out smaller ones if they're in my room/house but as soon as I see a bigger one, I freak out and have to leave the room, ewwww

6. I have the bad habit of rather buying clothes for less money that I won't love as long and I will get tired of more easily than investing in something that I will appreciate for a long time. This often results in me selling a lot of things on sites like Depop!

7. I can't stand it when I can feel the need to sneeze creeping up on me while I'm driving - this may sound a bit paranoid but I'm terrified of sneezing while driving, as I'm scared of closing my eyes for even a second, even if it's just because I'm sneezing.

8. I tend to keep way too much useless stuff in my wallet - especially recites I will never need again - until I can't find a single thing anymore and end up throwing everything out in one go.

9.  I am both a very lazy but still ambitious person, which are quite impractical traits to have at once. I either do nothing at all or I work my butt off!

10. I'm not a big bag lover, I will most likely have a couple of bags that I like and wear those until they're torn into shreds and only then consider buying a new one. I will always, always choose a pair of shoes over a new bag!

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  1. The 4th and 8th points describe me too! Haha x



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