Monday, 18 August 2014

jeans: zara top: new look leather jacket: topshop shoes: nike necklace: h&m bag: choies sunglasses: /

While getting dressed this morning, I decided that I needed to change something about my ripped jeans and spontaneously cut off a part of the legs. Even though it's not a major change, I feel like the un-clean cut adds to the already ripped look of the jeans and I like the way they look on me much better - I'm already thinking about the next pair of jeans to cut off, haha! I kept the rest of my outfit simple and pretty unspectacular with my sneakers, a black top, my good old leather jacket and holographic bag. 
Even though this isn't a particularly exciting outfit, I still wanted to share it, since I feel like I haven't shared any more simple, everyday looks on here in a while. I've especially been loving my sneaks more and more lately so I've been toying with the idea of getting myself another pair, but maybe I'll do a separate post on that! Enough with the rambling now, I'll be back tomorrow. Have a nice rest of your Monday x

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