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Saturday, 23 August 2014

 left: after 5 years, I finally got to go to Disneyland again, which really is the happiest place on earth in my opinion and of course I couldn't not post a picture of it on Instagram, right? right: random Paris architecture snapshot - one of my favourite things to do in Paris, (in London as well, actually) is to walk around the city until my neck is aching from gazing up all the fantastic buildings

 left: naturally, I couldn't leave Paris without having posted an Eiffel Tower picture. Thank god I wasn't one of the thousands of people trying to get on the tower though! right: yesterday night's outfit
 left: I'm not the biggest beer fan, but what I do like to drink every once in a while - beer wise - is Desperados. And how fancy does this bottle look? right: what do you do when you're sitting in a car by yourself? Take selfies, of course!
left: even though I didn't like the flat we stayed at the past week as much, I really liked this little spot in my room, where I put my bags, nailpolishes, etc. right: beach snapshot on a random beach here in Brittany; notice how I'm wearing jeans and not a bikini? Typical weather here in August, haha!

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  1. Disney Land is super fun, great pictures!

  2. Love those ripped jeans and you're so pretty!


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