Behind the scenes / Bloopers

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Whenever I take outfit pictures, (especially when my brother takes them for me) there's always at least one funny/weird picture between the pictures that I edit and post on this blog. I had been thinking about making a post featuring these 'behind the scenes' pictures for a while now but wanted to wait until I've got a handful to make a proper post out of it. Now that I've got a couple of pictures saved in my folder, (yes, I created a folder just for this purpose, haha) I can finally publish the post. How about you other fashion/personal style bloggers out there - is it just me who always ends up with goofy outfit pictures? Do let me know if you liked this post, as I'm certain that I can make these every once in a while!


  1. Haha, so fancy! I think that everyone has those kind of pictures.. :')

  2. This, too, happens all the time to me! But I like the right one, the picture when you tried to jump.


  3. lol i love these! Umm yeah like half of my outfit photos taken are usually of me looking like a dingus. they are fun to go and look at and have a good laugh at lol.

  4. great post, you should make these once i a while ;-)


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