August Wishlist

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August Wishlist
Basic t-shirts Over the last couple of weeks, I have been on the look out for the perfect slouchy, comfortable t.shirt to wear with... well, anything! I was mainly looking for t-shirts with v-necks because they create such a nice neckline and make dainty necklaces stick out more. My personal must-have-colours when it comes to staple pieces like this are black, grey (especially light grey) and white, but I've also seen a couple of other light colours that spoke to me a lot, like light blue or beige.

Flannels Ever since I bought a flannel in the River Island sales in Rotterdam a little while ago, I've been looking everywhere to find more of them. I love how they create such a laid back, 'oh I just got out of bed and threw this on'-look and how incredibly comfortable they are. I am however pretty picky when it comes to the colours of flannels, so I haven't found any others yet, but I'm not giving up quite yet!

Button down shirt with 'hidden' buttons This particular kind of shirt probably has a name but I have no clue what that name would be whatsoever, so hopefully the shirt I put in the collage will enlighten you about what I mean, haha! I saw a very similar shirt to the one you can see above in COS in Paris a couple of days ago (I just realised that the one in the collage is from COS as well!) and I fell in love with it. That particular shirt was also very powdery blue but much longer, so it could probably easily be worn as a shirt dress. However, what I particularly liked about it, was the piece of fabric that covered the buttons - I feel like it gives the shirt a very clean look. If only the shirt in COS would've been half as expensive... *sigh*

A duster coat I've only started seeing duster coats on other bloggers quite recently, but I absolutely fell in love in their classic, but at the same time relaxed look. Next to a trench coat, a duster coat - no colour preference for now - is on my wishlist for when the temperatures are dropping but you can still afford to keep the coats hanging in your wardrobe.

Black ripped jeans This is another staple piece, but I haven't ever really owned a pair of black, ripped jeans. I can already feel how my taste is evolving to like more autumn-y clothes and a pair of ripped, black jeans are more than perfect for autumn! Again, these are absolute staple pieces and can probably be combined with half my wardrobe so, naturally, I need them.

Nike Roshe sneakers For some weird reason, I have lately been drawn to this particular style from Nike, even though I found them quite ugly at the beginning. (or is this just another typical "oh those shoes are so ugly - I love them" situation?) As I've got some money leftover from summer, (who would've thought that?!) I'm hoping to invest into a pair before I get the chance to spend my money on other things. I'm not completely sure about the colour(s) I want them to be, but probably something with blue... I definitely need to do some more research, ha!

Black backpack with gold details Since I got my first 'fashionable' (as in not for school, haha) backpack a couple of months ago and wore it a lot during different trips this summer, I've been playing with the idea of investing in another backpack that might cost a little more than my £10 one from Primark did. I'd like to keep it simple, so ideally I'd like to find a black backpack with golden details like zippers or tassels, to make it look a little bit more exciting but still versatile.


  1. A black or grey duster coat is also on my wish list!


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  3. Everything yass! I am so in love with plaid flannels it's almost pathetic..And I adore the button down one with the hidden buttons!!

  4. Woah, so many nice pieces! Looking for a white V neck tee aswell... Surprisingly hard to find the perfect one, haha x

  5. I definitely need to get some shirts! great post


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