Wednesday, 16 July 2014

all via asos

Since having lost my favourite sunglasses a couple of weeks ago, (luckily, they were £5 glasses from Camden Lock - at least I didn't lose an expensive pair) I have been trying to fill the sunglasses-shaped hole in my heart. I have to admit, I haven't been looking around actively for sunglasses in different shops lately, but I decided that this matter at least deserved a small blog post and that I should definitely put more time into finding a new pair (or two?) before leaving for my summer trips. I went onto Asos (where else?) and quickly put this collage together. None of these I have spent a lot of time thinking about, it was rather an "oh I like!"-reaction, put together into a collage, so you get an idea what kind of sunglasses I like the most at the moment.
As it's already quite obvious in the picture, my tendencies go towards round or cat-eye-shaped sunglasses. I have to face the truth though and realise that pretty much all cat-eye-shaped sunglasses look odd on me. Colour-wise, I'm always a bit unsure when it comes to plain black sunglasses (even though I love love the look of them!) as they are very bold - which can be very good of course - and I don't have the biggest face or tannest skin. Which are your favourites from the collage? The ones that speak to me the most right now are: 2nd row, left; 3rd row left and 3rd row right!

PS: excuse the somewhat messy look of the collage, (there are random borders in the picture...?) but since I never have time to update at home, I went free-style and put this collage together on an online program while having some spare time at work!


  1. Definitely like: 2nd Row-Left & 2nd Row-Right!

    X O


  2. I think I like all of these sunglasses...ha ha!! :)


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