Monday, 21 July 2014

July outfit
July outfit

July outfit 
Even though I've recently purchased a couple of new things which I really like and want to wear ASAP, I  haven't been motivated to make the effort to take pictures for the blog. However, my personal little photographer, aka my brother, is back home since Saturday, so hopefully I can get him to take some pictures of me soon, when I decide to wear something else than a skirt and basic top or jeans-and-top-combination. The weather has been absolutely ridiculous (for my taste particularly) with temperatures around 30 degrees one day and thunderstorm and rain the other, which is terribly uncomfortable for me as I hate it when it goes above 25 degrees (unless I'm lying near a pool or on a beach) or when it's really humid outside. As every fashion/outfit blogger out there, my blog is also very dependent on the weather, haha! 
I'm still working this week, but I hope that I'll manage to squeeze in a post here and there nonetheless. For now, I decided to create three outfits on polyvore and funnily enough, every outfit contains at least one item which I actually own! Maybe I should try recreating these... 


  1. Fresh outfits!

    X O


  2. I love these looks, so clean and simple yet they look like they'd look fabulous on,
    I know what you mean about the weather.. It's been like a heatwave recently, the humidity is doing nothing for my hair haha!


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