Mini Instagram Diary

Sunday, 27 July 2014

 1: An outfit I wore about a week ago, as I said in the caption on Instagram, I felt very 'tumblr', aka wearing a cliché blogger look; ripped jeans and holographic shoes and bag, haha! 2: I adore discovering parts of my home country that still swipe me off my feet - sometimes you need to look around you more to see the beauty in your surroundings! 3: I bought these absolutely gorgeous boots in ZARA, would you believe me if I told you that I got them for 36€ instead of 120€ on sale? I still don't!
1: A friend of mine had a dinner with a bunch of girls at her house and it's safe to say that I gave her miniature dog enough cuddles for the following couple of days, hah! 2: Last Friday, I went out with a couple of girlfriends and curled my hair again since my proclamation (so I hadn't curled it in over a year!) I loved how it looked on me but as expected, it didn't last very long and the fact that we didn't have any hairspray to keep the hair in place, didn't help either.. :( 3: After having purchased my choker from asos a little while ago, I finally remembered to wear it (yes, I literally forget about some of my clothes etc) and I definitely have to wear it so much more, I love how it looks!

I'm keeping this post as short as possible but after having spent 8 weeks in Luxembourg and 6 of those sitting in an office, I am finally off to go on holidays with friends! I'm leaving to Rotterdam with a couple of days tomorrow. We'll include a short Amsterdam trip and when I'm back on Thursday evening, I'm already off to Mallorca again on Sunday - so excited! I will most definitely post during my trips, especially since holiday-blogging is my favourite kind of blogging. See you when I'm in the Netherlands! x

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  1. Loved this post, especially the Zara shoes you got in the sale? That's amazing! Have a wonderful holiday x x


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