Thursday, 3 July 2014

all things are from choies/jennyfer/h&m/tally weijl/zara

After a very unexpected break from the blog, I am back with more time and motivation on my hands. The truth is that, other than being busy because of my internship, I also got very lazy when it came to blogging, but since I finished the internship last week and am now on holiday for another 10 days, I'm motivated to start blogging more again. In the picture above you can see most of the stuff that I bought lately and I'm very very excited to shoot outfit pictures with my new beautiful pieces. Unfortunately, one of the items I bought is already broken a bit *insert angry customer noise* but I'll try to get that fixed ASAP because it's one of the things I'm particularly excited about. This is it for today, talk to you soon (promise!) x


  1. I reaaally want to see these items, I hope you'll post outfit pictures soon or pictures with the full items =) Are all of these shops in Luxembourg?

    1. yes i got everything in luxembourg apart from the jeans and holographic bag, they're from an online shop called Choies :)

  2. so many nice pieces! Can't wait to them! What is that white iridescent thing?



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