Thursday, 10 July 2014

1. Couscous with grilled/baked vegetables (e.g. tomatoes, bell pepper, courgette) and fresh mint. I love this meal because it is so very quick to make - you don't even need to cook the couscous! (well, in most cases) It only needs to be covered in hot water for 2-3 minutes and you can add the toppings of your choice. I usually also add avocado, dried tomatoes or anything else I have lying around and season it with sriracha, balsamic dressing and other spices of my choice. This is also delicious when it's cooled down and the perfect meal to bring to a BBQ party.
2. Yes, food again but you'll want to try these, I'm telling you. I recently finally managed to find rice paper in a grocery store and I'm loving it! You simply have to soak it in hot water for a minute or two and then you can fill it with the veggies of your choice. I usually fill them with avocado, bell pepper, cucumber and fresh coriander leaves and if I'm not feeling too lazy, I'll cook up some rice to make it more filling. My favourite sauce to eat with these is made out of chopped coriander, soy sauce, sriracha and a splash of lemon juice - yum! This is a particularly good meal for those hot days when you feel like eating something light and tasty.
3. Even though it's been 3 (or 4?) weeks since I changed my cartilage piercing, this is still one of my favourites at the moment. In case you've been around when I first got my piercing in January, you'll know that the original piercing was a pearl, which I did like very much but my whole motivation behind getting this piercing in the first place was to be able to wear a ring! After waiting for it to heal as good as possible, I finally found a shop where they had rings I liked (only found colourful ones and ones with the ball-thingies on them) and they were even so kind to put it in for me. It hurt quite a lot and bled more than I thought it would but I'm so so happy with it! 
4. When I bought the British InStyle magazine a while ago, (something I don't usually do) this pretty pink nailpolish came along with it. I tried it on out of curiosity and I absolutely love it! It's very much of a Barbie colour and I adore how flirty it looks and feels. The quality is better than I expected, too.
5. Ever since I found Lana's new album Ultraviolence online, I've been listening to it non-stop. It took me a while to jump on the Lana-bandwagon and I definitely have phases where I don't listen to her music at all but that phase is definitely not now! She just has this unique voice and her songs are so relaxing, yet they have brilliant lyrics. I decided to add my current favourite tunes from her album below, enjoy!

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  1. That cous cous looks yummy!

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