Slowly drifting

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

skirt, shoes, bag: h&m top, necklace: primark leather jacket: zara

Hey guys! I'm back with a big fat sorry because even though I took these pictures on Sunday evening, (yes, evening and look at how light it was outside - awesome!) I either never had the time to update or whenever I did have the time, I realised that my camera was in my mum's car, so I never had access to the pictures. In case you haven't guessed it yet, I wore this outfit for dinner with friends on Sunday and finally got the chance to take pictures of this beautiful skirt in action! I definitely have to wear it more often now that it's getting warmer. I love how it looks classy but still has this cool twist with the two slits on the side and I feel so damn confident when walking in it when it's swaying around, haha! I started my internship at a newspaper on Monday, so I'm not necessarily wearing the most exciting outfits, but I'll try to squeeze in an outfit post here or there. x


  1. love your outfit, such a stunning skirt x

  2. You look fab in this outfit!

  3. for kind of newspaper are you working? and are you writing your own articles`?

  4. My internship is at the 'Tageblatt' and no i don't write my own articles but i edit/shorten articles and help with the layout of the pages etc


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