Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hey there! I'm currently a quite upset with myself, because I planned to make small photobomb post today but after having given my friend my camera memory card, I can't find it anymore after she gave it back to me, so I don't actually have any new photos to share! Hopefully I'll find the memory card soon though, otherwise I'll have to take pictures with my phone until I have the opportunity to buy a new one, arghh. I spent my Saturday working on my essay (or at least trying to do so) and tomorrow will be almost completely spent in the library with a friend. I have one last essay deadline coming up next week and then it's already time to pack my things and fly back home! I'll be home for less than a day though, as I'm leaving to Turkey for 10 days and I am beyond excited! I can't wait to go to the beach and just completely unwind. Do you have any cool plans for your Easter holiday?


  1. You're so lucky, I haven't been able to sunbathe since summer :( Enjoy your holidays!

  2. hopefully you'll find that memory card, I hate the thought of losing any of my pictures!

    Vivi xx


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