Monday, 28 April 2014

pants: h&m top: everything5pounds kimono: primark rings: h&m divided shoes: pull and bear sunglasses: camden lock

Even though I spent my entire Sunday eating, watching (and finishing, owww) 90210 and painting my nails, I got myself to leave my room to take these pictures for the blog. I think it's safe to say that I wore this kimono to death over the last two weeks, as I literally lived in it in Turkey and being back in Luxembourg, it's still one of the first things I grabbed when I got dressed yesterday. I haven't made any plans for my time at home yet, but I definitely have to arrange some coffee dates and I really feel like going to the cinema too. I want to blog more actively during my time home, as I'll be busy with Uni work once I'm back in the UK, but I feel a tad uninspired and bored by mainly posting outfit posts... Do you have any ideas/suggestions on what I should post next? Another Random Facts about Me? Or even a Q&A? Let me know! x


  1. Random Facts would be really interesting as we get to know your personality lil bit better. ;)

  2. Omg I've been re-watching 90210 too (series 1) and loving it! Love your kimono too btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? If so just let us know :) xx

  3. Love your outfit! Anyway, I think random facts might be a fun post. X


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