Thursday, 10 April 2014

skort, boots: h&m top: river island coat: primark bag: zara sunglasses: camden lock

After poor/non-existant updates over the last couple of days, I can finally say that I handed in my essay today and now have more time and inspiration to blog! I'm particularly going to post more outfit posts, as I have recently started collecting ideas on what to wear with what etc! The pictures for this post were taken with my phone but I got down to buying a new memory card for my camera today, so I can finally take pictures with my good camera again! Surprisingly, this is the first post where you see my white H&M skort which I bought while I was in Luxembourg for a weekend mid-March in action for the first time! I've actually already worn it plenty of times but somehow never got down to take proper outfit pictures in it. I can't wait to wear it with bare legs (*ehem* in 5 days!!) and summery tops!

PS: I just realised that I bought the boots I'm wearing here as well when I bought the skort - I knew they'd look nice together, haha!

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