Wednesday, 16 April 2014

skort, top: h&m divided shoes: h&m bag: zara jacket: mango sunglasses: camden lock

I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I have literally no time to think about what to combine in my closet, I come up with the nicest outfits. I overslept a little bit this morning and the fear of not being able to eat breakfast (can you imagine the disaster!) got me and I just pulled out whatever I found in my closet and came up with this skort-top-jacket combination in light colours and I love it! I just added the bag for the pictures and I'm sure that I have more exciting shoes to wear this outfit with, as well as accessories, but I like this look as a neutral base to work with. I officially got my first sunburn yesterday (well at least I don't need to wear any blush now, right?) but I am enjoying the hot weather and bright sunshine to the max. I also think that I'll try to find a way to take off the hotel bracelet for outfit pictures because it always reminds me of prison... if that makes sense, haha?


  1. That bag gives that special touch to the outfit, love it!


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