Sunday, 13 April 2014

Urban Outfitter - I've been thinking about getting myself some pretty, golden dainty necklaces and when the two out of three of these were on sale for £5 instead of £10 (the middle one was £10 though), I couldn't resist them! I most likely will wear at least two, if not all three of them together, just to spice up a simple outfit a little bit.
 H&M - As I mentioned in my latest Wishlist post, I had set my mind onto these checker pants from H&M and when my bank account allowed it, I finally got them! They fit similarly to my suit pants I'm wearing in my last outfit post, so they're super comfortable and I love that they aren't just one plain colour but they're still easy to combine with other things!
 Topshop - The purchase of these beauties wasn't actually planned, but how gorgeous are they? I can't get over how comfortable my leopard slip-ons from H&M are, so when I saw these, I knew I had to have them! I was a bit unsure whether to get these beautiful powder pink ones or plain white ones (with the same pattern though) but I decided to go for a little bit of colour and I'm glad I did!
 River Island - As I'm leaving to Turkey in two days, a new bikini was on the top of my list and I decided to go for something different than H&M, haha! I love the simplicity of the colours on this one, but the material/pattern/whatever you'd call it gives it a special something and somehow makes it look more.. edgy, you know what I mean?
 Urban Outfitters - Even though this bralet was £16 - which in my opinion, is ridiculously expensive - I'd been thinking about purchasing it to wear under my sheer blouses for months now, so I finally caved and bought it! Just as I expected, it looks fabulous under see-through tops and the colour is beyond gorgeous.
Pull & Bear - The last store my friends and I visited on our big shopping day was Pull & Bear, and having recently not been as interested in that shop as I used to be, I really didn't expect to buy anything, especially since I could already see my bank account suffering, haha! Nevertheless, while I was waiting for my friends to finish their shopping there, I tried these sandals on and... well, they were like glued to my feet. They were rather expensive (£50) but I'm sure that they're a good investment, as I'd been thinking about getting chunky-ish sandals for summer for a while now.

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  1. Love every single one of the items you bought! They're so so gorgeous!


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