Midi Skirt

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

top: h&m skirt: asos shoes: forever 21 sunglasses: camden lock leather jacket: topshop

I had been playing with the idea of getting a flowy, non-tight midi skirt for a while now and when I saw that I have money on my Paypal account left and had a little scroll through Asos' sales, I found this beauty. I wore it for the first time yesterday and kept it rather simple, pairing it with some of my favourite things: leather, stripes and holographic shoes! My favourite thing about this skirt probably is the fact that I'm not the slightest bit affected by wind and I can sit on the grass with my legs crossed without having to worry about what's covered by my skirt and what isn't, haha! I definitely have to come up with other ideas on how to combine this skirt with the rest of my wardrobe. Any suggestions?


  1. Love the skirt, I'm always a little wary of midi skirts as I'm not sure how to style them unless I wear them with really high heels.

  2. I'm skill so off and on with Midis - they seem to look lovely on everyone and yet when I wear them I look like a Granny!

    Gorgeous outfit!


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