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Sunday, 27 April 2014

 left: random selfie from a couple of weeks ago right: the last couple of days I spent in Brighton before coming home for spring break, my friends and I went to eat at Food for Friends and even though the food was really nice, I was disappointed by the portion size - price ratio...
 left: I started being a bit more creative with food, especially since I've mainly been living off pasta and sushi since starting to eat 801010. In this picture, you can see chickpea patties with homemade oilfree potato fries and a sweet chili sauce I basically made out of sriracha, agave nectar and lemon juice and on the right you can see... right: mushroom risotto! I've been telling my dad over and over again to make risotto more often as it's one of my favourite dishes ever, so I gave it a try and made my own mushroom risotto and it turned out wonderfully!
 left: I simply had to wear my both my shoes and jumpers with snakeskin pattern on at the same time, hehe right: view from our balcony in Turkey, now I miss it! *sigh*
 left: in Turkey, I finally got to try something I've been wanting to try for a while now: mulberries! So so yummy right: before going on holiday, I finally cropped the 'indian' pattern top that I bought a while ago and this is how I wore it
 left: even though my brother is turning 16 in about a month, I still feel like he's my little baby brother, but I have to face it; he's even already almost caught up on my height! right: detail shot from an outfit I wore in Turkey, showing my new two bracelets I bought for really cheap
 left: just the beautiful sea! right: I finally got lots of freckles again (more than the picture actually shows) and I really hope that they won't disappear too soon, as it's supposed to be raining a lot over the next days over here in Luxembourg...
 left: random outfit - I must have been inspired by all the Coachella fashion because I felt very boho wearing this, haha! right: our garden is absolutely gorgeous right now, there's flowers everywhere and these purple ones all around the outside of the back of our house are particularly stunning
left: I didn't get to eat close as much fruit as I would've wanted to in Turkey, so I was more than happy to do major fruit shopping with my dad yesterday and I enjoyed a bit of the deliciousness yesterday as late breakfast after a night out right: I found this little corner in our living room to be looking very 'Instagram', so naturally I had to take a picture of it, haha!

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