Sunday Outfit

Sunday, 23 March 2014

dress, kimono: primark shoes: nike sunglasses: /

I felt like I haven't posted outfit pictures in a while, so I spontaneously asked my friend aka faithful photographer (haha) to take pictures of today's outfit. It's not particularly special, as I was opting for something comfortable to spend time in doing work, but I like the laid back look of it! Luckily, we managed to snap these pictures before it started raining dogs and cats - the weather is incredibly weird lately. Even though my friend and I planned to spend the afternoon in the library, we suddenly decided that we wanted coffee after arriving there, leading us to hop on the next bus to Brighton and now we're sitting in Starbuck s (where else, huh?) 
I really do have to get some work done now though, so I wish you all a nice rest of your Sunday and speak to you soon!

PS: I recently fell in love with Clean Bandit (who didn't?!) and was more than upset to find our that they came to Brighton yesterday but the tickets were sold out. Here's one of my current favourite songs from them.

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