Tuesday, 4 March 2014

After having saved up for a couple of weeks, I finally had enough money saved up to buy a new iPhone! I was a bit unsure about which colour to pick, but I'm so glad I went for the white one. I haven't fully set everything up with the sim card but I've already been snapping pictures with it and I'm in looove with the camera! After having bought the phone, my friend and I had a quick stop at Urban Outfitters and I ended up buying a new wallet and this gorgeous pair of shoes. My wallet broke on Friday, so I was more than happy to immediately find a pretty one at Urban Outfitters, it's perfect for my way too many cards and change and how darn cute is the turtle decoration? The shoes are something I've been looking for all summer last year and when I stumbled upon them in the shop, I knew that I had to buy them! I can't wait to wear them, especially since they look good worn with black tights too, so I won't have to wait until it gets a bit warmer to wear them.

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  1. Those shoes are quite rad, love them.



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