Friday, 21 March 2014

Over the last few days, lack of inspiration, time and technological problems mixed together, but luckily I've got most of this figured out, so hopefully I'll be back to posting more regularly!
I spent last weekend at a friends place in London with another 2 friends and I thought I'd just share a bunch of pictures that I took over the 2 days there. I saw London from another point of view, as we asked my friend who lives there to show us the city from her perspective and to bring us to nice places. I went to places like Notting Hill, Brick Lane, Liverpool Street and China town! Food-wise, I went to M&M Land and Wholefoods for the first time, which I both looved - obviously, haha!
I took a lot of short clips of the different places as the atmosphere was absolutely amazing, because the weather was almost summer-like and everyone was in such a good mood. I can't wait to go back to London soon, do you have any must-go places in London you could suggest me to go visit the next time I'm up there?

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