3 Girls, 3 Blogs

Monday, 24 March 2014

Even though I haven't spent a lot of time reading other blogs recently, (I'm either too busy or ridiculously jittery to spend more than 10 minutes reading blogs) I've been wanting to share the following three blogs with you for a little while now. All three of them have a nice amount of followers already, but I still felt like sharing their links! Let me know if you like this kind of post and I might make it more often!

Gypsy Wardrobe is a blog written by the 18 year old Maddy from Adelaide in Australia. She recently went on a 3 month trip through Europa and the UK, (needless to say that I'm very jealous) documenting her trip with great pictures on her blog. I loved seeing her impressions of places that I've been to too, especially as she lives on the other side of the globe! Other than that, this girl has the most impeccable taste and I particularly love how she goes from simple, monochrome to summery, almost hippy-like looks, looking right on point every single time!
Not Your Standard is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by the twenty-something old Kayla who lives in Berlin. Kayla's style is simple and classic with sharp cuts and statement pieces, having an overall very clean and sophisticated look. Other than great outfits, she also shares delicious recipes and the most beautiful pictures of interior designs (including pictures of her own gorgeous home!). I particularly love that she's based in Berlin, as it's a tad different from the usual UK blogs I read.
Bambi Legs is written by the 19 year old Jordan from England. She mostly blogs about her outfits, which often consist of black/grey combinations with a bold red lip and a great pair of shoes or some statement accessories. Even though she unfortunately doesn't update as regularly (I say unfortunately because I can't get enough of her posts!) as other bloggers, she's one of my favourites! And how well does she pull of that ombre look? *sigh*


  1. thanks so much for this girl! so kind of you x

  2. This is so sweet of you, you have given me the gentle nudge to post more, I didn't know anyone wanted me too haha! Thank you beaut, also never heard of Not Your Standard so def going for a read.. Maddy's blog is fab though xxx



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