Tuesday, 11 March 2014

1. I'm a huge cinnamon fan. I love it on just about everything, whether it's coffee, my morning oats or even on bananas! When I was younger, my grandma made me rice pudding quite often and the cinnamon freak I am, I added tons and tons of cinnamon on top of it. At one point, my grandma went to buy bio cinnamon (which basically didn't get treated with any chemicals) because she got scared that I'll end up poisoning myself with all that cinnamon, haha!

2. Even though I now live in a City with more than enough Starbucks Caf├ęs, it is still something special for me. I also always get the same drink; either a Chai Latte, Cappuccino or Vanilla Spice Latte.

3. My proudest achievment is that I'm fluent in 4 languages and I can make conversation and understand almost everything in Spanish.

4. I'm easily intimidated by 'cool' or good looking people, feeling like I'm in some way not good enough to just speak to them. However, that has improved a lot since Uni, since People are much more open here!

5. I was an omnivore for over 18 years but I've been eating mainly vegan (90% I'd say) over the last couple of months and that's how I want to keep it for the rest of my life. My main reason for eating this way is my health, but I'm also very happy that I can help saving animals and the Environment at the same time. Of the many movies and Clips I saw, Forks over knives was my favourite! (I really recomment you watch it,no matter how you eat - it's all about health, no pictures of suffering animals are in it!)

6. I started eating high carb low fat, also known as 801010 a Little bit over a week ago and I'm starting to really like it, as I love stuffing my face with pasta and rice!

7. I am moving into a house with two girlfriends next year and for the first time in my life, I'll have a double bed!

8. I can't stand it when it's hotter than 25 degrees, or 28 when I'm laying near a pool - anything above that is simply too hot for me, it makes me too tired and lazy!

9. I've had glasses since I was 9 and I'm currently wearing contact lenses most of the time. However, since I had my last appointment at the eye doctor's, I've been seriously considering to get my eyes lasered in a couple of years.

10. Right now, one of my main dream destinations to go to is Tokyo. I've also been thinking about Interrailing through Europe, especially through the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, during summer with a friend.

11. Without counting the possibility that I might come home during Autumn term next year, I'll be flying a total of 14 times this year. Crazy!

12. My dream car is a beige Mini.

13. If possible, I want to be studying subjects like American Literature, Women in Literature, Advertising, Cultural Studies and Journalism at Uni next year.

14. I really enjoy making Q&A Posts, so if you guys feel like you have things you want to ask me, I'd love to answer them in one big post!

15. Fashion-wise, Autumn is my favourite season because you can wear anything from shorts and skirts with bare legs and thick jumpers and boots, all depening on the weather. Personally, however, Spring is my favourite season, as I simply love seeing everything getting greener and greener and people coming out of their houses to enjoy the sunshine.

PS: Do you like these kinds of posts? I personally love reading them on other Blogs, so if you do like them, then let me know and I might make more of them in the future.

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  1. I love these kind of posts and the picture is lovely!


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