March Inspiration

Friday, 28 March 2014

Just a little bit of inspiration for the end of the month... if everything goes as planned, I'll have an outfit post for tomorrow!

March Wishlist

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March Wishlist

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White Blazer After seeing the classic blazer popping up in white here and there lately, I've been considering to get one myself. I have a love-hate relationship with blazers, (I'm probably the only only in the world with that issue haha) as I really do like the smart and sophisticated look they can give an outfit, while I at the same time hate looking too smart for everyday life, unless it's for a special event. However, I feel as if a white blazer looks less strict but still gives outfit a classic and sharp touch, without making it look like I'm off to a job interview!

Skort Ever since I recently purchased a white skort from H&M Divided, (outfits with it to be up soon!) I've been falling in love with the versatility of skorts and how easily they are combined. I'm currently in particular lusting after a tartan-like patterned skort and funnily, I'll be swapping a pair of shoes for the exact skort in this picture on Depop - jackpot! However, if I find more skorts in different colours and patterns, I can definitely see myself expanding my collection of skorts...

Fedora I'm one of those firm believers that I can't pull of hats or that they're too much for everyday life, but I really want to get over that and purchase a fedora! I love how easily it can transform a simple outfit and am determined to get over my 'fear' of looking overdressed during the day.

Checked pants I've been on the lookout for rather loose checked pants for at least 2 months now and I finally found a beautiful pair in the H&M online shop (these to be exact) which I am determined to get as soon as I have some money and time again to go into Brighton!

Lace Bralet(s) This is another item I've been eyeing with for a while but never actually bought because I never liked how it looked on me in the end. However, I decided that I need to wear my sheer shirts more often, so a pretty lace bralet is a must when I don't always want to wear bandeaus which I have to pull up every two minutes. For now, I particularly want a black bralet but I wouldn't mind finding another one in a pretty colour to spice it up a little bit.

Bikini The two bikinis in this collage aren't a particular kind/colour/pattern I'm looking for, but I didn't want to spend hours scrolling through bikinis on Polyvore so this'll have to do! Since I'll be lying on the beach in Turkey in less than 3 weeks, (!) I really want to find a new bikini. My plan is to look through the bikinis at Urban Outfitters, as they always have the coolest patterns there. If I'm not able to find one with a nice pattern though, a white bikini will do too, as it's something I've been thinking about getting for a little while now as well.

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans Now these are nothing new, as they've been on my wishlist for a quite a while already, but I stumbled over a very nice looking pair from Missguised a couple of days ago and I am determined to go try them on! I'm quite picky when it comes to boyfriend jeans as I don't want them to be either too skinny or too loose or too light or too dark. The jeans I've got in mind are these.

Leather, Fur and Red Lips

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

fur gilet: ebay leather jacket: topshop blouse: h&m jeans: gina tricot shoes: bertie via topshop

I recently finally made myself a paypal account and transfered some money to it and boy am I glad I did! After endless scrolling through eBay, I discovered this beauty of a fur gilet. I've been eyeing a slightly oversized black fur gilet for a while now and when I foun this one, I caved and bought it. The first combination I thought of after having clicked the "check out" button was the one I'm wearing in these pictures. I was even considering to add my leather pants to it but then I thought that might go a bit over the top, ha! As soon as the weather decides to get normal again, I'll wear the gilet with light sweater or even with bare arms (okay that'll still be like another month.. or three).
On another note - I made a depop account! My wardrobe is almost bursting while my wallet is as empty as it could be. If you don't have the money to buy anything right now and have a depop account as well, make sure to follow me anyways as I've already made 2 swaps in 2 days, ahhh exciting!
To view my account, click here. Don't hesitate to email me if you see something you like but don't have a depop account yourself!

3 Girls, 3 Blogs

Monday, 24 March 2014

Even though I haven't spent a lot of time reading other blogs recently, (I'm either too busy or ridiculously jittery to spend more than 10 minutes reading blogs) I've been wanting to share the following three blogs with you for a little while now. All three of them have a nice amount of followers already, but I still felt like sharing their links! Let me know if you like this kind of post and I might make it more often!

Gypsy Wardrobe is a blog written by the 18 year old Maddy from Adelaide in Australia. She recently went on a 3 month trip through Europa and the UK, (needless to say that I'm very jealous) documenting her trip with great pictures on her blog. I loved seeing her impressions of places that I've been to too, especially as she lives on the other side of the globe! Other than that, this girl has the most impeccable taste and I particularly love how she goes from simple, monochrome to summery, almost hippy-like looks, looking right on point every single time!
Not Your Standard is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by the twenty-something old Kayla who lives in Berlin. Kayla's style is simple and classic with sharp cuts and statement pieces, having an overall very clean and sophisticated look. Other than great outfits, she also shares delicious recipes and the most beautiful pictures of interior designs (including pictures of her own gorgeous home!). I particularly love that she's based in Berlin, as it's a tad different from the usual UK blogs I read.
Bambi Legs is written by the 19 year old Jordan from England. She mostly blogs about her outfits, which often consist of black/grey combinations with a bold red lip and a great pair of shoes or some statement accessories. Even though she unfortunately doesn't update as regularly (I say unfortunately because I can't get enough of her posts!) as other bloggers, she's one of my favourites! And how well does she pull of that ombre look? *sigh*

Sunday Outfit

Sunday, 23 March 2014

dress, kimono: primark shoes: nike sunglasses: /

I felt like I haven't posted outfit pictures in a while, so I spontaneously asked my friend aka faithful photographer (haha) to take pictures of today's outfit. It's not particularly special, as I was opting for something comfortable to spend time in doing work, but I like the laid back look of it! Luckily, we managed to snap these pictures before it started raining dogs and cats - the weather is incredibly weird lately. Even though my friend and I planned to spend the afternoon in the library, we suddenly decided that we wanted coffee after arriving there, leading us to hop on the next bus to Brighton and now we're sitting in Starbuck s (where else, huh?) 
I really do have to get some work done now though, so I wish you all a nice rest of your Sunday and speak to you soon!

PS: I recently fell in love with Clean Bandit (who didn't?!) and was more than upset to find our that they came to Brighton yesterday but the tickets were sold out. Here's one of my current favourite songs from them.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Over the last few days, lack of inspiration, time and technological problems mixed together, but luckily I've got most of this figured out, so hopefully I'll be back to posting more regularly!
I spent last weekend at a friends place in London with another 2 friends and I thought I'd just share a bunch of pictures that I took over the 2 days there. I saw London from another point of view, as we asked my friend who lives there to show us the city from her perspective and to bring us to nice places. I went to places like Notting Hill, Brick Lane, Liverpool Street and China town! Food-wise, I went to M&M Land and Wholefoods for the first time, which I both looved - obviously, haha!
I took a lot of short clips of the different places as the atmosphere was absolutely amazing, because the weather was almost summer-like and everyone was in such a good mood. I can't wait to go back to London soon, do you have any must-go places in London you could suggest me to go visit the next time I'm up there?


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

1. I'm a huge cinnamon fan. I love it on just about everything, whether it's coffee, my morning oats or even on bananas! When I was younger, my grandma made me rice pudding quite often and the cinnamon freak I am, I added tons and tons of cinnamon on top of it. At one point, my grandma went to buy bio cinnamon (which basically didn't get treated with any chemicals) because she got scared that I'll end up poisoning myself with all that cinnamon, haha!

2. Even though I now live in a City with more than enough Starbucks Caf├ęs, it is still something special for me. I also always get the same drink; either a Chai Latte, Cappuccino or Vanilla Spice Latte.

3. My proudest achievment is that I'm fluent in 4 languages and I can make conversation and understand almost everything in Spanish.

4. I'm easily intimidated by 'cool' or good looking people, feeling like I'm in some way not good enough to just speak to them. However, that has improved a lot since Uni, since People are much more open here!

5. I was an omnivore for over 18 years but I've been eating mainly vegan (90% I'd say) over the last couple of months and that's how I want to keep it for the rest of my life. My main reason for eating this way is my health, but I'm also very happy that I can help saving animals and the Environment at the same time. Of the many movies and Clips I saw, Forks over knives was my favourite! (I really recomment you watch it,no matter how you eat - it's all about health, no pictures of suffering animals are in it!)

6. I started eating high carb low fat, also known as 801010 a Little bit over a week ago and I'm starting to really like it, as I love stuffing my face with pasta and rice!

7. I am moving into a house with two girlfriends next year and for the first time in my life, I'll have a double bed!

8. I can't stand it when it's hotter than 25 degrees, or 28 when I'm laying near a pool - anything above that is simply too hot for me, it makes me too tired and lazy!

9. I've had glasses since I was 9 and I'm currently wearing contact lenses most of the time. However, since I had my last appointment at the eye doctor's, I've been seriously considering to get my eyes lasered in a couple of years.

10. Right now, one of my main dream destinations to go to is Tokyo. I've also been thinking about Interrailing through Europe, especially through the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, during summer with a friend.

11. Without counting the possibility that I might come home during Autumn term next year, I'll be flying a total of 14 times this year. Crazy!

12. My dream car is a beige Mini.

13. If possible, I want to be studying subjects like American Literature, Women in Literature, Advertising, Cultural Studies and Journalism at Uni next year.

14. I really enjoy making Q&A Posts, so if you guys feel like you have things you want to ask me, I'd love to answer them in one big post!

15. Fashion-wise, Autumn is my favourite season because you can wear anything from shorts and skirts with bare legs and thick jumpers and boots, all depening on the weather. Personally, however, Spring is my favourite season, as I simply love seeing everything getting greener and greener and people coming out of their houses to enjoy the sunshine.

PS: Do you like these kinds of posts? I personally love reading them on other Blogs, so if you do like them, then let me know and I might make more of them in the future.

Home, sweet home

Saturday, 8 March 2014

 skirt: ax paris top: primark shoes: h&m scarf: urban outfitters jacket: zara sunglasses: camden lock

As I'm currently back home in Luxembourg for a long weekend and I didn't feel like taking my camera with me for just three days, the pictures for this post were taken with my phone but I'm quite surprised about the good qualiaty! (Keep in mind that I took these a few moments ago, the sun being already quite low)
I brought only a couple of clothing items with me, but I've been planning to wear this outfit here for a couple of days now and I really like the outcome! I basically spent my day having lunch with a friend and meeting another friend, catching up and walking around town and now I'm back home to relax and catch up on some TV shows. I'll try to maybe even prepare some posts in advance as I can finally blog from a normal (aka not mini-sized) laptop here, so hopefully the blog will get a little bit more lively again. Have a nice Saturday! xo


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

After having saved up for a couple of weeks, I finally had enough money saved up to buy a new iPhone! I was a bit unsure about which colour to pick, but I'm so glad I went for the white one. I haven't fully set everything up with the sim card but I've already been snapping pictures with it and I'm in looove with the camera! After having bought the phone, my friend and I had a quick stop at Urban Outfitters and I ended up buying a new wallet and this gorgeous pair of shoes. My wallet broke on Friday, so I was more than happy to immediately find a pretty one at Urban Outfitters, it's perfect for my way too many cards and change and how darn cute is the turtle decoration? The shoes are something I've been looking for all summer last year and when I stumbled upon them in the shop, I knew that I had to buy them! I can't wait to wear them, especially since they look good worn with black tights too, so I won't have to wait until it gets a bit warmer to wear them.

Black and White / Lace and Fur

Sunday, 2 March 2014

dress, coat: h&m bag: zara shoes: topshop belt: banana republic

I normally absolutely hate the combination of black tights and a light skirt/dress on me, but somehow I still ended up wearing this outfit and I actually really liked it! Unfortunately, the pictures were taken about half an hour before the sun was gone for good, so the quality isn't A+ but I really felt the need to update the blog with an outfit post. I'm currently procrastinating finishing my English portfolio big time, so I should keep this post short, but in a bit more than 24 hours, the portfolio will be handed in and I'll be (kind of) freeee! I'll try to be back with a new post ASAP - enjoy your Sunday! xo