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Thursday, 20 February 2014

I didn't actually buy this, but a friend who came to visit me here at the beginning of February gave this as a little present to me and my friend here and I thought I'd include it in this post. It's a set with a piece of soap, a small tube of hand cream and a small tube of cream for your feet - so cute and it smells so nice too!
I  got tired of having to untangle my necklaces all the time, so I finally caved and bought this necklace/jewelry holder and I'm so glad I did - it makes my shelf look more organised and more decorated. (it's from a shop called TIGER in case anyone is interested)
When I had a stroll through |Urban Outfitters when my friend came to visit, I had a really hard time resisting to spend money there as I started saving up for a phone, but I spontaneously bought these beauutiful earrings, they're so delicate! I haven't worn them yet but I can imagine them looking very pretty with a high bun, red lipstick and a very simple outfit.
I originally went to H&M with my family only to buy tights, but shortly after I went back on my own to have a sneaky look through their new collection and I found these beautiful slip-ons. Since they were on this month's wishlist, I had to seize the opportunity and bought them - for £25!
Another thing I bought at H&M yesterday is this white sweater - I simply love how it can be easily combined due to its colour but the kind of pattern on it still gives it that little touch that makes it that much more interesting!

Just a little update on my life; I spent the last 2 days with my family as they came to visit - which explains why it got quiet on the blog - and today's my birthday, so I'll be celebrating and enjoying the day with friends and then I have to dive into a pile of work this weekend! I hope you all have a fabulous day, I know I will! xo

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  1. The leopard print flats are stunning.

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