Kimono in the wind

Saturday, 15 February 2014

jeans: gina tricot top, shoes, kimono: primark belt: banana republic rings: h&m divided nailpolish: hema

The only reason I actually left my flat today was to go to the gym and take these pictures, as the weather hadsbeen absolutely dreadful lately. Nevertheless, I decided to take advantage of the 10 minutes when it didn't rain to take outfit pictures, even though I probably won't wear this outfit until mid-week next week or so. 
Even though I have quite a bit of work to do right now, (and let me tell you one thing, I've been lounging around in my room pretty much the entire day, doing everything but working) next week will be quite packed as my family is coming to visit me for 2/3 days and I'm turning 19 on Thursday, (I feel so old!) which means that it's well about time to pay the dance floor a visit again - so excited! Do you have any exciting things coming up the next few days? Have a nice weekend! xo


  1. You look great in these photots. I want your Kimono so bad! Nahh my week will be pretty boring. Hope you have a fun bday. :)

  2. You have such a great body.


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