Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hey guys! I'm terribly sorry for the non-existing updates over the last couple of days.
On the weekend, a good friend of mine came to visit me at Uni and I was way too busy to take pictures or blog, as I really just wanted to enjoy her being around. However, that is not the main reason why I didn't blog, as my laptop is officially dead and I decided to wait until my family comes to visit me in two weeks, to have my dad take it back to Luxembourg and either get it fixed or replaced. This means that I won't have a laptop for at least 3-4 weels, which will make blogging quite a challenge, especially since Photoscape isn't installed on any Uni computers, so I'll have to edit all my pictures on my friend's laptop. I will try to update a couple of times per week though, probably editing pictures with my friend's laptop and then writing the posts in the library or on my phone.
I'll leave it at this for now and add some of my favourite current tunes! Talk to you soon xo

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