February Wishlist

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

February Wishlist

Slip-ons I've been seeing more and more pictures of slip-ons recently, especially on tumblr and I've slowly fallen in love with their easy-look while still being able to spice up a simple outfit when the shoes are covered in a cool pattern. I think I'd go for a pair with leopard pattern or another animal-kind pattern, as long as the colours are rather calm, but I also really love the black version - the material replaces the need of a fancy pattern!

Boyfriend jeans I do own a boyfriend-jeans-kind-of pair of pants but I've been looking for loose fitted once for at least a month now. My dream pair of boyfriend jeans would be slightly high waisted, partly ripped and washed out and loose enough that I can roll them up without them becoming tight while wearing them that way.

Lace skirt/loose fitted shorts I simply can't get over the look a delicate piece with black lace can create with oversized jumpers or coats. A sleek black dress with a lace hemline would be fabulous as well but I think I'd get more wear out of a skirt/pair of shorts!

Speakers I don't have any particular brand in mind and simply chose these pink Dr Dre speakers because.. well they're nice to look at! I really want to get speakers for next year (as in Uni year) to be able to play music on a decent volume level without having to use my phone's speakers.

Light grey/white/beige fake fur coat During my huge sales-hunting mid-January, I tried on a white, out-of-this-world-fluffy fake fur coat at Topshop which I'd been eyeing with for a couple of weeks already and I would not have hesitated to buy it if it hadn't been too big, so I'm still on the lookout for a similar coat to fill the fluffyless hole in my heart...

Pointy, strappy flats I am head over heels (eeehh flats) in love with the sophisticated look a pair of pointy flats can give an outfit and ankle straps make everything better, so why not combine both looks? When looking for a nice pair of shoes for this post on Polyvore, I stumbled across this gorgeous pair from Zara and I think I might have to pay the store here a visit as soon as I have some spare money from the one I started saving up for...

... an iPhone 5c I've had my current iPhone for almost 2 years which - yes - is really not that long for a phone, but as usually, it's become much, much slower and I simply can't let the thought of owning a new, fast iPhone again fairly soon. I've been thinking about getting the 5c in the red-pink colour it comes in, but since I'm afraid that I'd get tired of it quite quickly, I decided to go for the white one instead. (which I couldn't find anywhere on Polyvore) It's all about saving the money as quickly as possible now!

Metallic skirt I actually tried on a silver-metallic skirt on in River Island during their sales but it was simply too tight and uncomfortable. Ever since then, I've been craving a metallic skirt as it makes even a black t-shirt look interesting when combined with it!


  1. Ah I'm in love with those shorts and that metallic skirt!

  2. Love those lace shorts, they're so pretty!x
    - Jayne


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