Brightening it up

Sunday, 16 February 2014

jeans: gina tricot top: primark shoes: topshop coat: romwe bag: zara scarf: h&m

Hey guys! I'm currently sitting in Starbucks and I feel so incredibly cliché, blogging here, haha. Today was supposed to be one of those Sundays that started with pancakes, (well, we did have pancakes for breakfast) followed by locking myself in my room to get some work done, but since the weather was absolutely gorgeous today, (talking sunshine and zero rain!) my friend and I decided to pack our notes and readings and go to Brighton. We walked around while it was still sunny and - as always - ended up in Starbucks.
I'm wearing something quite basic, but I simply felt like wearing something rather bright and colourful to match the weather and this is the result!
Enough of the blabbering now, have a nice rest of your Sunday and speak to you soon!

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  1. Love the photos, and this weather lately means that sunny days are to be taken advantage of, so I'm not surprised you went out! :)


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