At the beach

Thursday, 27 February 2014

jeans: gina tricot jumper, shoes: h&m scarf: urban outfitters leather jacket: topshop sunglasses: camden lock

For the first since October, I had the chance to wear my leather jacket again and it felt great! The weather is really getting better around here and even though it's still raining quite often, we have a super sunny day every couple of days, which really just spikes my mood to the top!
Even though I haven't had these shoes or the tartan scarf for that long, I definitely see them as staple pieces in my wardrobe as they make an outfit look better so much, especially when the outfit itself mainly consists of basics like in this case!
Not being able to go shopping much is turning into a real torture, but with some luck, I'll get to buy what I've been wanting and saving up for long now in a couple of days and then I can start saving up some money for some well needed Spring shopping! 
I'm off now as I've still got soo much work to do, have a nice day - the weekend is getting closer! x


  1. Love your beach photos, I'd love to visit Brighton one day!

  2. Leather jackets are the BEST. Love yours! Ugh, I need to save too, but spending money is so easy... xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog


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