At the beach

Thursday, 27 February 2014

jeans: gina tricot jumper, shoes: h&m scarf: urban outfitters leather jacket: topshop sunglasses: camden lock

For the first since October, I had the chance to wear my leather jacket again and it felt great! The weather is really getting better around here and even though it's still raining quite often, we have a super sunny day every couple of days, which really just spikes my mood to the top!
Even though I haven't had these shoes or the tartan scarf for that long, I definitely see them as staple pieces in my wardrobe as they make an outfit look better so much, especially when the outfit itself mainly consists of basics like in this case!
Not being able to go shopping much is turning into a real torture, but with some luck, I'll get to buy what I've been wanting and saving up for long now in a couple of days and then I can start saving up some money for some well needed Spring shopping! 
I'm off now as I've still got soo much work to do, have a nice day - the weekend is getting closer! x

Instagram Diary

Sunday, 23 February 2014

I know that I only just posted an Instagram Diary quite recently, but I've become more active on Instagram and decided to share some more pictures, especially since I don't have any outfit pictures or own pictures to share. However, I am currently working on a 25 facts about me post and planning 2-3 other posts that I've been wanting to make, so hopefully I'll find the time to make this blog a bit more interesting again!
left: I couldn't start eating these pancakes without snapping a picture of them first - doesn't this look beautiful? right: it's impressive how much a difference it makes when the sun is out and you're spending your day in a city - I personally pay much more attention to my surroundings and couldn't take my eyes of this beautiful building in Brighton - the royal theatre.
left: outfit from Wednesday, when I spent the day with my family right: After having completely fallen in love with Rather Be by Clean Bandit, I've been trying to find more songs by them and this is one iI particularly like!
left: my family stayed in the most beautiful hotel here in Brighton, it looked like a palace from inside! right: I've recently often been having fruit only for breakfast and it's so.. light and a nice change from the usual oatmeal (which I love, but it's heavier!) I have for breakfast.
left: I spend the day of my birthday in Brighton and Wagamama where I had the most amazing food with... right: ... this lovely girl on the left! I don't know what it is about this shot but I really like it - it's from my birthday night out on Thursday.
left: I can't wait to wear my new beauties and shoot outfit pictures with them, especially now that the weather has become much better and it's actually possible to take pictures outside without ending up being completely soaked because of the rain right: I spent a couple of hours focusing on work yesterday and today, as a friend is coming to visit for 2 days next week and I won't have a lot of time to work, and I can definitely say that I got some work done!
left: when I went sales hunting back in January, I tried on this absolutely gorgeous white faux fur jacket and I got so, so upset that it wasn't available in my size anymore. I looked online (it's from Topshop) but without success... I might give eBay a shot! right: I made myself a raspberry-banana-smoothie - something I hadn't made in quite a while but which is still delicious!

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Latest Purchases

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I didn't actually buy this, but a friend who came to visit me here at the beginning of February gave this as a little present to me and my friend here and I thought I'd include it in this post. It's a set with a piece of soap, a small tube of hand cream and a small tube of cream for your feet - so cute and it smells so nice too!
I  got tired of having to untangle my necklaces all the time, so I finally caved and bought this necklace/jewelry holder and I'm so glad I did - it makes my shelf look more organised and more decorated. (it's from a shop called TIGER in case anyone is interested)
When I had a stroll through |Urban Outfitters when my friend came to visit, I had a really hard time resisting to spend money there as I started saving up for a phone, but I spontaneously bought these beauutiful earrings, they're so delicate! I haven't worn them yet but I can imagine them looking very pretty with a high bun, red lipstick and a very simple outfit.
I originally went to H&M with my family only to buy tights, but shortly after I went back on my own to have a sneaky look through their new collection and I found these beautiful slip-ons. Since they were on this month's wishlist, I had to seize the opportunity and bought them - for £25!
Another thing I bought at H&M yesterday is this white sweater - I simply love how it can be easily combined due to its colour but the kind of pattern on it still gives it that little touch that makes it that much more interesting!

Just a little update on my life; I spent the last 2 days with my family as they came to visit - which explains why it got quiet on the blog - and today's my birthday, so I'll be celebrating and enjoying the day with friends and then I have to dive into a pile of work this weekend! I hope you all have a fabulous day, I know I will! xo

Brightening it up

Sunday, 16 February 2014

jeans: gina tricot top: primark shoes: topshop coat: romwe bag: zara scarf: h&m

Hey guys! I'm currently sitting in Starbucks and I feel so incredibly cliché, blogging here, haha. Today was supposed to be one of those Sundays that started with pancakes, (well, we did have pancakes for breakfast) followed by locking myself in my room to get some work done, but since the weather was absolutely gorgeous today, (talking sunshine and zero rain!) my friend and I decided to pack our notes and readings and go to Brighton. We walked around while it was still sunny and - as always - ended up in Starbucks.
I'm wearing something quite basic, but I simply felt like wearing something rather bright and colourful to match the weather and this is the result!
Enough of the blabbering now, have a nice rest of your Sunday and speak to you soon!

Kimono in the wind

Saturday, 15 February 2014

jeans: gina tricot top, shoes, kimono: primark belt: banana republic rings: h&m divided nailpolish: hema

The only reason I actually left my flat today was to go to the gym and take these pictures, as the weather hadsbeen absolutely dreadful lately. Nevertheless, I decided to take advantage of the 10 minutes when it didn't rain to take outfit pictures, even though I probably won't wear this outfit until mid-week next week or so. 
Even though I have quite a bit of work to do right now, (and let me tell you one thing, I've been lounging around in my room pretty much the entire day, doing everything but working) next week will be quite packed as my family is coming to visit me for 2/3 days and I'm turning 19 on Thursday, (I feel so old!) which means that it's well about time to pay the dance floor a visit again - so excited! Do you have any exciting things coming up the next few days? Have a nice weekend! xo

February Inspiration

Thursday, 13 February 2014

February Wishlist

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

February Wishlist

Slip-ons I've been seeing more and more pictures of slip-ons recently, especially on tumblr and I've slowly fallen in love with their easy-look while still being able to spice up a simple outfit when the shoes are covered in a cool pattern. I think I'd go for a pair with leopard pattern or another animal-kind pattern, as long as the colours are rather calm, but I also really love the black version - the material replaces the need of a fancy pattern!

Boyfriend jeans I do own a boyfriend-jeans-kind-of pair of pants but I've been looking for loose fitted once for at least a month now. My dream pair of boyfriend jeans would be slightly high waisted, partly ripped and washed out and loose enough that I can roll them up without them becoming tight while wearing them that way.

Lace skirt/loose fitted shorts I simply can't get over the look a delicate piece with black lace can create with oversized jumpers or coats. A sleek black dress with a lace hemline would be fabulous as well but I think I'd get more wear out of a skirt/pair of shorts!

Speakers I don't have any particular brand in mind and simply chose these pink Dr Dre speakers because.. well they're nice to look at! I really want to get speakers for next year (as in Uni year) to be able to play music on a decent volume level without having to use my phone's speakers.

Light grey/white/beige fake fur coat During my huge sales-hunting mid-January, I tried on a white, out-of-this-world-fluffy fake fur coat at Topshop which I'd been eyeing with for a couple of weeks already and I would not have hesitated to buy it if it hadn't been too big, so I'm still on the lookout for a similar coat to fill the fluffyless hole in my heart...

Pointy, strappy flats I am head over heels (eeehh flats) in love with the sophisticated look a pair of pointy flats can give an outfit and ankle straps make everything better, so why not combine both looks? When looking for a nice pair of shoes for this post on Polyvore, I stumbled across this gorgeous pair from Zara and I think I might have to pay the store here a visit as soon as I have some spare money from the one I started saving up for...

... an iPhone 5c I've had my current iPhone for almost 2 years which - yes - is really not that long for a phone, but as usually, it's become much, much slower and I simply can't let the thought of owning a new, fast iPhone again fairly soon. I've been thinking about getting the 5c in the red-pink colour it comes in, but since I'm afraid that I'd get tired of it quite quickly, I decided to go for the white one instead. (which I couldn't find anywhere on Polyvore) It's all about saving the money as quickly as possible now!

Metallic skirt I actually tried on a silver-metallic skirt on in River Island during their sales but it was simply too tight and uncomfortable. Ever since then, I've been craving a metallic skirt as it makes even a black t-shirt look interesting when combined with it!


Monday, 10 February 2014

jeans: gina tricot sweater, coat: primark scarf: urban outfitters boots: zara

Once again, I've been everything but a good blogger, but I've got great news: a friend of mine borrowed me her mini laptop until I have one myself that actually works. This means that I can finally edit pictures and blog in my free time, without having to see if I can use my friend's laptop! I've got a couple ideas for new posts and I'll try to get working on these as soon as possible, meaning when I finally got myself to start writing that bloody English essay... Talk to you soon xo

Instagram Diary

Thursday, 6 February 2014

 left: I still haven't had the chance to wear my new heels to go out, but my birthday is approaching, so that might be the perfect opportunity...! right: from-where-i-stand kind of snapshot of a recent outfit - still soo in love with my urban outfitters sweater, it's the perfect, cozy sweater for the awful weather we've been having in England!
 left: throwback to Berlin; how pretty does the Brandenburger Tor look at night? If you pay attention when looking at the picture, you can see the purple-ishly lights in the back - it's the tent for the Berlin Fashion Week! My friend and I were so disappointed because we literally left the city a couple of days before Fashion Week started, arghh! right: outfit from last week
 left: my favourite Starbucks in Brighton has one of its walls covered in mirror-pieces - it looks so cool! right: huge detox breakfast aka fruit salad my friend and I had after a great night out last week
 left: I bought this sweater at Primark last weekend and I got it on sale for unbelievable £5 instead of 10! I love how it doesn't look like it was this cheap at all, definitely a bargain staple piece.
left: it was my flatmate's 19th birthday recently and it's become kind of a tradition that the girls and me bake muffins and a cake for the birthday kid right: my friend and I had our usual Starbucks session in Brighton today - no matter how often I go to Starbucks here, I still enjoy it every single time!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hey guys! I'm terribly sorry for the non-existing updates over the last couple of days.
On the weekend, a good friend of mine came to visit me at Uni and I was way too busy to take pictures or blog, as I really just wanted to enjoy her being around. However, that is not the main reason why I didn't blog, as my laptop is officially dead and I decided to wait until my family comes to visit me in two weeks, to have my dad take it back to Luxembourg and either get it fixed or replaced. This means that I won't have a laptop for at least 3-4 weels, which will make blogging quite a challenge, especially since Photoscape isn't installed on any Uni computers, so I'll have to edit all my pictures on my friend's laptop. I will try to update a couple of times per week though, probably editing pictures with my friend's laptop and then writing the posts in the library or on my phone.
I'll leave it at this for now and add some of my favourite current tunes! Talk to you soon xo