Sunny Day in Brighton / Outfit

Monday, 20 January 2014

jeans: gina tricot top: river island shoes: primark coat: vintage sunglasses: camden lock

Hey guys! I don't actually have a lot of time at the moment, but my friend and I sponanteously decided to go to Brighton yesterday afternoon to soak up some sun and sit on the beach and I used that opportunity to snap some pictures of what I wore. I really like the different kind of outfit pictures that came out, sitting on the beach instead of awkwardly standing around somewhere, haha! I had my first lecture of this term today and I can already feel that I'll have to pull myself together to get back on track, as I feel like I've gotten unbelievably lazy over the last couple of weeks. I'm off to get ready for the gym now, have a nice rest of the day and a good start into the new week! xo


  1. Love the outfit and the place the outfits were taken.


  2. the besch looks wonderful. and love your coat


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