Sale finds

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Urban Outfitters - I got this amazingly comfortable sweater for £25 instead of £40, which felt like a real bargain considering it is from Urban Outfitters, so I just went with it and I'm so glad!
Urban Outfitters - This sweater has to be one of my favourite sale purchases. It was quite difficult to take pictures of it as has different patterns on the front/back/sleeves of the sweater but I'll try to show it properly in an outfit post!
Urban Outfitters - This is actually a t-shirt and was quite a spontaneous buy, simply because I liked the pattern. I'll probably cut it shorter and cut off the sleeves, so I can wear it as crop top, you'll definitely see this in an outfit when I'm done 'editing' it!
Urban Outfitters - The picture doesn't do this beautiful top any justice at all, so I'll just leave it like this and show you in an outfit soon!
Urban Outfitter - As always when being done lookin through clothes at Urban Outfitters, I can't help but go rummage through the decoration/useless-stuff-I-really-need section and this time I ended up bringing this cute, pink elephant home. It's a piggy bank and it was on sale for £4 and I'm so glad I bought it as it really brightens up my shelf!
Topshop - Even though Topshop is one of my favourite shops, I was a tad disappointed about the sales. Maybe it was the fact that the shop ended up being crammed with people in a too little space, but I came out of it with a purchade nevertheless; this black, shiny midi skirt! It was on sale for £10 but ai even it for a little bit less thanks to my student card! This skirt is a bit unusual and out of my comfort zone, but I think it'll look great with a simple cropped t-shirt and ballet flats.
Primark - This necklace and the top below are the only two things I didn't buy in the sales, but they're from Primark, so they were still a bargain. I don't have much to say about the necklace other than that I love how it's quite decorative while being simple in a way that it can be combined with almost every top!
Primark - The picture doesn't properly show this, but it's a cream coloured cropped top - simple but always good to own.
River Island - I completely forgot that this top was not on sale either but I still wanted to show it to you! You've pobably already seen me wearing it in a more recent post (where I'm sitting on the beach). It's a size 16, meaning it's pretty much gigantic on me but it works so well with highwaisted jeans or skirts!
Debenhams - Finally, before leaving the mall as the shops were starting to close, I quickly headed into Debenhams and wow, am I glad I did! I spontaneously tried these beautiful heels on and when I saw that they were only £18 (the original price being £60!), I just couldn't leave without them. I'll hopefully get to wear them soon when going out!

PS: I'm sorry about the bad updates lately, but my laptop decided to not work again, so I had to completely restore it and everything, but hopefully I'm back to regular blogging now!


  1. Love the Urban Outfitters jumper! I bought a lot of stuff in their sale too, I was very impressed :D x

  2. Ich war mir jetzt nicht sicher wo ich dir antworten soll, ich schreib einfach mal hier hin :) Ich habe im Moment nur Bloglovin, was gibt es denn sonst noch? :)


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