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Monday, 27 January 2014

A little over a week ago, my friend and I finally had the opportunity to try out a vegan restaurant here in Brighton. We were slightly disappointed when the options on the menu mainly consisted of nachos, pasta and other meals that were vegan but not necessarily healthy, but when we got our food; pizza with grilled vegetables and nachos, we were more than happy with it. It was really really tasty and the "cheese" was surpringly good as well (and let me tell you, I'm one big cheese fan!)
Even though it was quite cold, sitting on the beach in the middle of January was still a wonderful idea - I can't wait to go have picknicks there when it gets warmer!
I'd been considering to get a cartilage piercing done for a while now and finally went through with it about a week ago! I'm really happy with it but I can, unfortunately, only start wearing a ring in a year...
I had one of those I-need-to-tidy-everything-moments at 1AM recently and completely tidied up my wardrobe. I think it's safe to say that my closet here at Uni is getting fuller and fuller, I might need to buy a clothes rail after all and don't even get me started on my shoes, ayayay!
 If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might have notices that I've been doing the Vegan for fit challenge with a friend for a week now. The pictures above aren't the best quality as I took them with my phone, but I just thought I'd share two of the many meals we made so far which I really love. On the left you can see an aubergine-sweet potato moussakka and on the right is a smoked tofu burger with homemade burger buns, yummy!
As I've already mentioned in my last post, I had to completely restore my laptop to make it work again and I spontaneously chose to have it all in pink, so pretty! Unfortunately, I still had issues with the Wifi connection, but even though I spent an hour at the campus IT service, they didn't manage to fix it and now my whole laptop is back to not working at all again... Luckily, I can use my friend's laptop to edit pictures and blog but I'm really mad about the laptop as it has already had so many issues even though I only got it in September :(
I don't know if it's just me, but I find the nicest outfit combinations when I'm staying at home all day or just running around campus, washing cothes etc. This isn't the most original combination I've ever made, but I really like combining my sneakers with dresses/skirts - definitely need to do that more often!

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