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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Luckily, my friend and my suitcase arrived on Wednesday afternoon, so I didn't lose all my shopping and main part of favourite clothes, phew! I did quite a bit of sales shopping back in Brighton too over the last couple of days but I decided to make a separate post about those purchases. Here's what I bought in Berlin...
Black and dark blue (lightly washed and with 'ripped' accents) from Gina Tricot. I wasn't actually planning on buying jeans, especially not skinny ones, but this model called Kristen was too perfect for me not to buy them. Also, I've been quite disappointed by my Dr Denim jeggings as they keep on getting holes... The jeans finish above the ankle and are super skinny and I absolutely adore the zippers at the end! They were 50€ each which makes them the most expensive thing I bought in Berlin.
Ever since I got my blue turtleneck sweater from Asos for Christmas, I've been wanting to add another wide turtleneck sweater to my wardrobe and this one is simply perfect! It's a tiiiiiny bit itchy but it's super thick and I got it for 10€ instead of 65€ in the Weekday sales (bargain or what?!)
This purchase isn't really fashion related, but when I was in Urban Outfitters, I (as usually) had a hard time walking past all their decoration stuff and books without buying anything, so I ended up buying these two notebooks. They were pretty expensive at 9€ a piece, but I'm sure that they'll cheer me up a little bit while working on my Uni notes, hah...
This blouse is from Weekday as well, but I bought it at the full price of 35€. Its simplicity caught my eye and I'm a major sucker for anything striped, so I couldn't leave without it.
I've been wanting an asymmetrical or 'wrap' skirt for a while now and this one was on sale for 10€ only at Gina Tricot, so it was quickly decided that I needed it in my wardrobe!
This lovely top from Zara was also a sales find at 20€ which I bought quite spontaneously, simply because it's so pretty!
Anyone who's been reading my blog for 2-3 months now, knows that I've been looking for a tartan scarf for what feels like forever, so when I finally found this one, I didn't mind spending 29€ on it at Urban Outfitters!

With all these great finds and even more sales addition added to my wardrobe, I can't wait to take tons of outfit pictures! Some of them will be up tomorrow already xo

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  1. The wrap skirt is definitely my favorite.



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