Life lately

Monday, 27 January 2014

A little over a week ago, my friend and I finally had the opportunity to try out a vegan restaurant here in Brighton. We were slightly disappointed when the options on the menu mainly consisted of nachos, pasta and other meals that were vegan but not necessarily healthy, but when we got our food; pizza with grilled vegetables and nachos, we were more than happy with it. It was really really tasty and the "cheese" was surpringly good as well (and let me tell you, I'm one big cheese fan!)
Even though it was quite cold, sitting on the beach in the middle of January was still a wonderful idea - I can't wait to go have picknicks there when it gets warmer!
I'd been considering to get a cartilage piercing done for a while now and finally went through with it about a week ago! I'm really happy with it but I can, unfortunately, only start wearing a ring in a year...
I had one of those I-need-to-tidy-everything-moments at 1AM recently and completely tidied up my wardrobe. I think it's safe to say that my closet here at Uni is getting fuller and fuller, I might need to buy a clothes rail after all and don't even get me started on my shoes, ayayay!
 If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might have notices that I've been doing the Vegan for fit challenge with a friend for a week now. The pictures above aren't the best quality as I took them with my phone, but I just thought I'd share two of the many meals we made so far which I really love. On the left you can see an aubergine-sweet potato moussakka and on the right is a smoked tofu burger with homemade burger buns, yummy!
As I've already mentioned in my last post, I had to completely restore my laptop to make it work again and I spontaneously chose to have it all in pink, so pretty! Unfortunately, I still had issues with the Wifi connection, but even though I spent an hour at the campus IT service, they didn't manage to fix it and now my whole laptop is back to not working at all again... Luckily, I can use my friend's laptop to edit pictures and blog but I'm really mad about the laptop as it has already had so many issues even though I only got it in September :(
I don't know if it's just me, but I find the nicest outfit combinations when I'm staying at home all day or just running around campus, washing cothes etc. This isn't the most original combination I've ever made, but I really like combining my sneakers with dresses/skirts - definitely need to do that more often!

Sale finds

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Urban Outfitters - I got this amazingly comfortable sweater for £25 instead of £40, which felt like a real bargain considering it is from Urban Outfitters, so I just went with it and I'm so glad!
Urban Outfitters - This sweater has to be one of my favourite sale purchases. It was quite difficult to take pictures of it as has different patterns on the front/back/sleeves of the sweater but I'll try to show it properly in an outfit post!
Urban Outfitters - This is actually a t-shirt and was quite a spontaneous buy, simply because I liked the pattern. I'll probably cut it shorter and cut off the sleeves, so I can wear it as crop top, you'll definitely see this in an outfit when I'm done 'editing' it!
Urban Outfitters - The picture doesn't do this beautiful top any justice at all, so I'll just leave it like this and show you in an outfit soon!
Urban Outfitter - As always when being done lookin through clothes at Urban Outfitters, I can't help but go rummage through the decoration/useless-stuff-I-really-need section and this time I ended up bringing this cute, pink elephant home. It's a piggy bank and it was on sale for £4 and I'm so glad I bought it as it really brightens up my shelf!
Topshop - Even though Topshop is one of my favourite shops, I was a tad disappointed about the sales. Maybe it was the fact that the shop ended up being crammed with people in a too little space, but I came out of it with a purchade nevertheless; this black, shiny midi skirt! It was on sale for £10 but ai even it for a little bit less thanks to my student card! This skirt is a bit unusual and out of my comfort zone, but I think it'll look great with a simple cropped t-shirt and ballet flats.
Primark - This necklace and the top below are the only two things I didn't buy in the sales, but they're from Primark, so they were still a bargain. I don't have much to say about the necklace other than that I love how it's quite decorative while being simple in a way that it can be combined with almost every top!
Primark - The picture doesn't properly show this, but it's a cream coloured cropped top - simple but always good to own.
River Island - I completely forgot that this top was not on sale either but I still wanted to show it to you! You've pobably already seen me wearing it in a more recent post (where I'm sitting on the beach). It's a size 16, meaning it's pretty much gigantic on me but it works so well with highwaisted jeans or skirts!
Debenhams - Finally, before leaving the mall as the shops were starting to close, I quickly headed into Debenhams and wow, am I glad I did! I spontaneously tried these beautiful heels on and when I saw that they were only £18 (the original price being £60!), I just couldn't leave without them. I'll hopefully get to wear them soon when going out!

PS: I'm sorry about the bad updates lately, but my laptop decided to not work again, so I had to completely restore it and everything, but hopefully I'm back to regular blogging now!

January Inspiration

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

find more pictures via my tumblr

Sunny Day in Brighton / Outfit

Monday, 20 January 2014

jeans: gina tricot top: river island shoes: primark coat: vintage sunglasses: camden lock

Hey guys! I don't actually have a lot of time at the moment, but my friend and I sponanteously decided to go to Brighton yesterday afternoon to soak up some sun and sit on the beach and I used that opportunity to snap some pictures of what I wore. I really like the different kind of outfit pictures that came out, sitting on the beach instead of awkwardly standing around somewhere, haha! I had my first lecture of this term today and I can already feel that I'll have to pull myself together to get back on track, as I feel like I've gotten unbelievably lazy over the last couple of weeks. I'm off to get ready for the gym now, have a nice rest of the day and a good start into the new week! xo


Sunday, 19 January 2014

jeans: gina tricot sweater: weekday flats: topshop lipstick: kate moss for p2

When I went sales hunting with my friend on Friday, I finally got the chance to wear my new super bargain aka turtleneck sweater, pairing it with very basic items like good old blue jeans and black brogues. The perfect way to spice up a simple outfit like this is always to put on some lipstick and I planned to wear my tartan scarf as well but then I remembered that I had a scarf attached to my sweater hehehe... 

Berlin Shopping

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Luckily, my friend and my suitcase arrived on Wednesday afternoon, so I didn't lose all my shopping and main part of favourite clothes, phew! I did quite a bit of sales shopping back in Brighton too over the last couple of days but I decided to make a separate post about those purchases. Here's what I bought in Berlin...
Black and dark blue (lightly washed and with 'ripped' accents) from Gina Tricot. I wasn't actually planning on buying jeans, especially not skinny ones, but this model called Kristen was too perfect for me not to buy them. Also, I've been quite disappointed by my Dr Denim jeggings as they keep on getting holes... The jeans finish above the ankle and are super skinny and I absolutely adore the zippers at the end! They were 50€ each which makes them the most expensive thing I bought in Berlin.
Ever since I got my blue turtleneck sweater from Asos for Christmas, I've been wanting to add another wide turtleneck sweater to my wardrobe and this one is simply perfect! It's a tiiiiiny bit itchy but it's super thick and I got it for 10€ instead of 65€ in the Weekday sales (bargain or what?!)
This purchase isn't really fashion related, but when I was in Urban Outfitters, I (as usually) had a hard time walking past all their decoration stuff and books without buying anything, so I ended up buying these two notebooks. They were pretty expensive at 9€ a piece, but I'm sure that they'll cheer me up a little bit while working on my Uni notes, hah...
This blouse is from Weekday as well, but I bought it at the full price of 35€. Its simplicity caught my eye and I'm a major sucker for anything striped, so I couldn't leave without it.
I've been wanting an asymmetrical or 'wrap' skirt for a while now and this one was on sale for 10€ only at Gina Tricot, so it was quickly decided that I needed it in my wardrobe!
This lovely top from Zara was also a sales find at 20€ which I bought quite spontaneously, simply because it's so pretty!
Anyone who's been reading my blog for 2-3 months now, knows that I've been looking for a tartan scarf for what feels like forever, so when I finally found this one, I didn't mind spending 29€ on it at Urban Outfitters!

With all these great finds and even more sales addition added to my wardrobe, I can't wait to take tons of outfit pictures! Some of them will be up tomorrow already xo

Berlin Photodiary

Thursday, 16 January 2014

 Breakfast on the first day (I didn't manage to eat it all but maaaan was it good)
 I love the mix of pretty and rough architecture in Berlin
 Carrot coconut soup - need to make this myself!
 Cocktails are always a must when in Berlin
 Falafel and Halloumi plates from a libanese place

 On the Alexanderplatz
 Having tea overlooking Berlin (207 meters up)

I am surprised how few pictures I actually took in Berlin and that most of them are food pictures (okay, not that suprised about that) but here are the few I took! I had a wonderful time and I can't wait to go back, I feel like there's so much more to discover in this city, it's so different from the other capitals I've been to..

Tartan and Fur

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Jeans: topshop Jumper: primark coat: h&m divided scarf: urban outfitters shoes: nike bag: zara
Hey guys! I'm so so sorry about the lack of posts over the last couple of days. While in Berlin, I was too busy enjoying my mini Holiday and catching up with a bunch of friends to properly take pictures and update. As well as that, I had to restore my Laptop (again!) today before being able to use it to edit pictures and blog. I'll share a photodiary from Berlin fairly soon but I can't make a Shopping post with my new things yet, as my friend and my suitcase never turned up when we came back to England.. I'm really hoping that it turns up soon as some of my favourite things are in it (including almost everything I'm wearing in the pictures above)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hey guys! I'm so sorry about the lack of posts but I've been busy unpacking, only to repack again the day after and planning everything, as I arrived in Berlin this morning. I'm staying here with a couple of friends until Tuesday and I'm definitely planning to make outfit pictures, so I'll hopefully put a proper outfit post up again soon! If any of you have any suggestions on what to do/where to go in Berlin, don't hesitate to leave me a comment below this post! Talk to you soon xo

January Inspiration

Sunday, 5 January 2014

all pictures can be found on my tumblr

While making these collages with pictures that I've found inspiring or simply liked on tumblr, I thought about how this combination of pictures somehoe reflects what I might be changing in the new year. I don't really believe in New Year's resolution as I would rather just start doing something differently tomorrow than wait around for a new year to start. However, having read Alexa Chung's It recently, I've decided to work on a wardrobe with more staple pieces but also add a couple of statement pieces here or there. As you've probably already noticed, I've been a very big fur and leather (fake if possible) fan the last couple of weeks and I intend to wear items made out of these materials over the next few weeks as well, especially while it is still cold outside. I also want to start wearing lipstick during the day more often, which basically consists of getting over my 'fear' to look over the top during daytime, haha! Something else I want to do this year, which isn't really something I haven't done before, is travel more. I've already got four different destinations on my travel list for this year and I'm hoping to add one or two more! I'm ticking off my first destination on Thursday, when I'm flying to Berlin with a friend, I can't wait!

What's inspiring you this January? Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve?

Blue and chunky

Friday, 3 January 2014

jeggings: dr denim sweater: asos boots: zara rings: h&m divided

Even though I've been wearing my asos sweater that I got for Christmas at least every second day lately, I never got around to taking pictures. It's probably one of the cosiest pieces I own right now and I love how the colour makes an outfit pop more, but it's still a quite versatile colour! I'm already planning outfits combining this sweater with skirts or leather, so I'm sure you'll see it a couple more times on the blog!