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Monday, 2 December 2013

These two things are the only things that I bought in London which weren't food related (should I be happy or shocked about that?). The first item is a vegan cookbook, which I'm really excited to use! Unfortunately, it doesn't have any pictures, which is something I usually look for in cookbooks, but there's a lot of little personal stories from the author in the book and little tips and tricks for the vegan lifestyle here and there, so it's quite interesting to read, other than to just use to cook! The ELLE (UK version) magazine is something I also bought in Harrod's (I could spend days in their book/magazine department!) and I'm surprised about how much I like the articles in it. I've always liked looking through an ELLE magazine every now and then (no matter if in French, German or English) but I always ended up being a bit bored by the content. I haven't finished reading it yet, but I'll definitely consider buying that magazine more often in the future.
In Harrod's, I also bought Fiji water for the first time - simply out of curiosity on whether it tastes any different. I decided that I did not taste a difference, but the bottle is too pretty (and practical, it's made out of quitw thick plastic, so it doesn't break as easily as other water bottles) to throw away, so I'm using it as my re-fill bottle on the go at the moment.
In case you've never heard of Graze - you're missing out! They're a Swedish brand who will send you a box with 4 different little, oh-so-tasty snacks every week or twice a month (or more often if you want them to, obviously) and I always forget about the boxes until I receive one again, so it's always a little, fun surprise to find one in my post box! They cost between £3 and £4 I believe and you get to pick your preferences snack wise, choosing between different kinds of cookies, flapjacks, nut mixes, etc! I might stop the whole Graze-traffic for a little while though, as sadly most of their (especially the incredibly tasty ones) snacks aren't vegan. I really do recommend you to go check out their website though!
A little while ago while I was in Brighton and left half the content of my wallet in Poundland, one of the things I bought were these Christmas light. They don't look too Christmassy or over-the-top-glittery, but I enjoy turning them on every day as soon as it starts getting dark - so cozy! And by the way how crazy is it that it's already December? I'll be on the plane home in 11 days, oh my god!
As I already mentioned a bit earlier on the blog, I've started eating mostly vegan and today's lunch was incredible pita pizza which I simply had to share with you! I'm a very big fan of cheesy pizzas (well, cheese in general really), so I wasn't too sure about this version satisfying me but wow it was beyond delicious, full of flavour and made me full without feeling heavy and tired of having a ball of cheese in my stomach. If any of you want further directions/an ingredient list for these pizzas, let me know!
I've recently re-discovered my love for my bordeaux jeans and now really want to try to incorporate them into daily outfits more. I've been thinking about combining them with fur, patterns... any suggestions?
While I was typing, I looked outside the window and suddenly realised how pretty the sky looks right now! The quality of the picture is obviously not brilliant, but I couldn't resist adding this photo to the post.

Before I end this post, I though of a couple of ideas/questions I would like to ask you, hoping for some feedback!

1) Would any of you like to see more vegan meals, including the recipes to them? Or would any of you be interested in any kind of post related to vegan nutrition?
2) Do you have any specific requests on what you would like to see on the blog in the future? A Q&A post, more outfits, a post on a specific topic/trend?
3) Would any of you be interested in guest blogging on my blog sometime during December or even a little bit later?

Have a nice rest of your Monday! xo


  1. I'd definitely love to see some more vegan related posts, and that pizza looks so amazing you have to share the recipe! :D

  2. graze boxes are only in the UK tho….:(((

    1. whaat really?? i didn't know that! :(

  3. I would love to see a post of why we should go vegan or what are the benefits :)
    I wish I had a good camera, then I would volunteer for guest blogging but unfortunately I don't and I wouldn't want to mess up your blog with my non-quality pictures.


  4. I've never considered becoming a vegan and probably never will but I still enjoy your food posts :) So yes, more posts about being a vegan would be nice.
    More outfits, Q&A posts, music posts...
    And I always enjoy photobombs

  5. I would love to see more outfit posts from you as well as posts where you would style a certain piece like '3 ways to wear a white tee':)
    I am also interested in guest blogging for your blog!:) x

  6. i'd rather prefer a Q&A post, or music related posts :)


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