My 2013 - Part I

Monday, 30 December 2013

Even though it is technically already the 31st of December and probably way too late with this kind of post anyway, I really felt like making a re-cap of the year 2013, as it was quite a big year for me with a lot of different, lovely things happening in my life! I divided the post in two parts, the second part will be up tomorrow (well, on the 31st but during the day instead of the middle of the night)


In January, I... properly celebrated into the new year with lots of friends for the first time - ...had a shopping trip to a city in Germany nearby, spending my Christmas money in Primark - ...finally got myself a camera remote after having received a tripod for Christmas!


In February, I... went to Berlin for the first time with my class (and loved it so much, I'll be going back there in a couple of days!) - ...finally turned 18 and got a huge balloon from my friend which I carried around school with me the entire day (never felt so mature, eh) - ...started watching Friends, which ended in me being so upset when I finished watching its 10 seasons. I'm actually considering to start rewatching it again, hmm...


In March, I... celebrated my 18th birthday with a bunch of friends at home and received lovely presents - ...went to my second Europarty, which also led to my first visit of Antwerp which I really liked, definitely have to go back there soon!


In April, I... went on holiday to beautiful Spain with my family. I visited several cities like Marbella, Malaga, Ronda and even Gibraltar!


In May, I... went to my first ever foam party which was absolutely amazing and I'm really hoping to be able to go to another one again soon, I don't think a party can get any more fun than when the rooms are filled with foam - it's a childhood dream come true! - ...had my last schooldays - ever - which included wonderful last moments in lessons, theme dressing up days and lastly; camping with the entire year and having a massive food fight the day after in front of our school.


In June, I... mainly studied (often in outside in the sunshine, so nice!) for my written and oral exams. - ...finally got my driver's license after having failed the test the first time - one step closer to independency!


In July, I... received my European Baccalaureate Diploma with a personally very satisfying average as result - ... had tons of fun at my Bal du BAC (prom) with the sweetest friends ever - ...spent a week in Barcelona with three lovely ladies, going sightseeing, sunbathing and of course, partying! - ...started working at my dad's work place and earning back the money that I spent on food and clothes in Barcelona.

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